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Testimonial: “The brochure is Scenic Hiking Routes – Victoria County.  It is an excellent brochure because there is a map of Cape Breton with the 35 hiking routes indicated on the map and then there is a description for each hiking route indicating the level of difficulty and the estimated time to complete the hiking route: . Thanks!” – Dawn MacKinnon, Victoria County Visitor Information Centre (Jul. 17, 2018)

Please note & pay special attention to the following updates on the above Hiking Map:

#30 – Sugar Loaf Trail: The time should be 2 to 2 1/2 hours.

Money Pt Gulch Trail #19. The “old road’ is a continuation of the Money Point Road in Bay St. Lawrence. If one starts here the ‘hard’ part of the hike is climbing and descending the mountain. In the last part of the printed description mention is made of ‘bell’ in Bay Road Valley. This is a reference to the Bell Aliant building. It is a completely different way to approach the trail. The length of the hike and the difficulty are very different depending on which way you do it”.


Please note: St. Ann’s Saturday Afternoon Community Hikes – A friendly reminder everyone that these hikes often start on or pass over private property (i.e. Spinnegan Summit Trail). All of these hikes are prearranged with owner approval granted in advance and with the owner(s) frequently acting as guides/hosts. It is incumbent upon all involved to help keep these guidelines followed. We are spreading-the-word asking that the private nature of the hikes be respected. These hikes are open to the public only on the dates advertised.

Victoria County Provincial Hiking Trails Map


Cape Breton Island Hiking Trails

A wonderful resource for all hiking trails across Cape Breton Island at the link below. Select the category and then click on the link, it will provide you with all the information required on the trail.
Whether you embark on a wild adventure, delve into a cultural discovery, or take the road less traveled, larger than life experiences are just a step ahead. Follow your heart and bring home a memory that will last a lifetime.

Cape Breton Highlands National Park Trails

(Video Credit: Brinton Photography)

Paradise is Just a Hike Away


Look for Our 8th Annual Victoria County Trails Day Celebrations May 31 to June 2, 2019!

HELD – 7th Annual Victoria County Trails Day Celebration 2018 

June 2 & 3, 2018 – “Celebrating Water Falls” 

June 1, 2018

  • 10:00 am Humes River & MacNaughton Brook Falls Falls
  • 5:00 pm   Uisge Ban Falls

June 2, 2018

  • 10:00 am Franey Trail Loop
  • 3:00 pm   Mica Hill Trail

June 3, 2018

  • 10 am      North River Falls

Humes River Falls (60 ft)

Location: Wagmatcookewey School, Wagmatcook First Nation, Victoria County, Cape Breton

Distance: 12.41 kms from Wagmatcookewey School; 3.50 – 4 hours; 17,088 Steps


Region:                Victoria County

Community:       Wagmatcook

Length:                 12.41 kms (7.71 mi) total

Hiking time:       3-4 hrs

Type of Trail:     Natural surface

Uses (no snow): The first portion of the trail is ATV, mountain biking and walking trails, clearly cut and wide. The Humes River Trail is new, narrow and long.

Uses (snow):   The first portion of the trail is snowmobile and snowshoe trails, clearly cut and wide. snowmobiling, snowshoeing. Note: Takes longer to complete the trail snowshoeing, conditions, etc.

Facilities:   Parking area at the school or in vicinity, no washrooms, all natural

Dog Use:   off-leash permitted

Map:   (Humes River Falls, Wagmatcook) /

Resources (Maps, Points of Interest, etc.):

Humes Falls HumesRiverFalls-141204-F1 HumesRiverFalls-141204-F2HumesRiverFallsNotesPointsOfInterestDeb52014

Rating (1-5):  5 [Length, Steepness, Brook Crossings, Tree Stumps, Windfalls, Narrow Path Around Trees, No Trail Signage (Trails Markings, Visible Worn path – keep in mind the height of the snow in the winter, with no path visible, need to rely on trial marking tape)]. Ratings are designated from 1 to 5 indicating suitability for all fitness and experience levels, with 5 being suitable only for experienced and very fit outdoor people. Novices should only choose level 1 and 2 hikes, and work their way up. Level 4 and 5 hikes have indicators associated with their ratings.

Trailhead Reference:,-61.0629404,12z/data=!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x4b5d70a2c7ddd6f3:0xc345d77bede23d8b!2sHumes+River!3b1!8m2!3d46.0515332!4d-60.9929006!3m4!1s0x4b5d70a2c7ddd6f3:0xc345d77bede23d8b!8m2!3d46.0515332!4d-60.9929006

Resources (Maps, Points of Interest, etc.):

Humes Falls HumesRiverFalls-141204-F1 HumesRiverFalls-141204-F2HumesRiverFallsNotesPointsOfInterestDeb52014

Access Information:  Highway 105 through Waycobah and/or Nyanza and drive into Wagmatcook First Nation. Turn left (Coming from Waycobah)/right (Coming from Nyanaza) across from The Wagmatcook Fire Department onto Humes Rear Road and follow the road up to the school parking lot roughly 1.5 kms up the hill, road. You’ll pass the Wagmatcook Health Centre on the left, Wagmatcook Band Office, Ball Fields until you see the new school, Wagmatcookewey, on the right. Parking lot is opposite of the school.

Introduction: Humes River Falls Trail is clearly visible as it is a worn path and includes trail marking tape as well (Keep in mind the height of the snow in the winter, with no path visible, need to rely on trial marking tape, possibly compass, gps)].

Park at Wagmatcook school. Head straight into the continuation of the Humes Rear Rd dirt road/path. Don’t go behind the school, go straight. You’ll go straight and you’ll see an open space, signage and a roadway/trail up to the right, do not go there, stay straight until you hit the 1st bridge that needs maintenance on the right side and front of it. Cross that bridge and continue straight until you hit the second bridge. but has washed away. a plank will be there to cross the water. Continue until you come to a T in the road. Go Right. Follow that path roughly 2.5 kms until you see the trail marking tape on both the right side and the left side. Take a left on the worn path and follow that up to the peak. You’ll go by a foundation as you head up. Follow the worn path, trail markings to the falls. You’ll decline to the first brook along the way with rushing water. There is a crossing straight ahead with a rope to help with your balance, or go to the right 25 ft with a rope across, which tends to be easier. Make your way up after crossing and then you reach a second brook, much easier to cross and follow that to the falls look-off with a spectacular view for pictures. Make your way to the bottom of the falls, if capable and enjoy the breathtaking 60 ft waterfall. Take your time, no race, you’ll love it, take lots of pictures. Wear bug spray, take refreshments, water with you.

Cautionary Notes: Wildlife (Bring someone with you or hike with a group/scheduled guided hike. See wildlife: BAM-Back Away, Act Big, Make Noise). Hunting permitted. Crossing water streams, Steep climbs. Motorized vehicles in some sections. Cell Phone reception is generally available at higher elevations. Bring lots of water and snacks, make sure your shoes are comfortable and able to get wet.


Humes River Wilderness Trail Proposal



Humes River Final Trail Proposal April 2015PDF





Top of falls: (Short Video)

River to the falls: (Nice one!) (Brook/Stream) (Brook/Stream)

Resources (Maps, Points of Interest, etc.):

Humes Falls HumesRiverFalls-141204-F1 HumesRiverFalls-141204-F2 HumesRiverFallsNotesPointsOfInterestDeb52014


 Aspy Trail Blog Article –

Baddeck / Middle River Old Time Commute Trek

MiddleRiverBaddeckTrekMar. 2, '14

8.9 kms – MacMillan’s Mtn Rd to the Two Churches in Middle River

Bald Mountain Trail

BaldMountainTrailHikeTrailsDay2013Victoria, Subd. B-20130601-04447
3 hour Trail Hike – 1,113 ft mountain peak in NS. It ranks as the 29th highest mountain in NS. Wonderful View at Destination Point: “On Top of the World” Spectacular View of Iona, Kelly’s Mountain Look-off, etc on top of Bald Mountain. 5 kms round trip from trailhead. Extra 3 kms roundtrip from Fork (Recommended due to rough rd spots) – Left North.

Take Big Baddeck Road (Baddeck Forks) and go to the end of the road – Recommended to park at the fork 8.8 kms in (Left North) and continue on to the right path (Opposite Left North).

BaldMountainHikeTrailsDay2013IMG-20130601-04445BaldMountainHikeTrailsDay2013Victoria, Subd. B-20130601-04470

BaldMountainNov12015F BaldMountainNov12015E BaldMountainNov12015D BaldMountainNov12015C BaldMountainNov12015B BaldMountainNov12015A BaldMountainNov12015

Boiler Trail

BoilerTrailLloydBoilerTrai;RearBaddeckForks BoilerTrailPicNov242013 The Boiler Trail is located in Rear Baddeck Forks – Westside Big Baddeck Rd (3 kms past Rockinghorse ranch on the left, take that road to the trail head) and concludes with a visit to the 1930’s Boiler Steamer. The hike is about 2 hours totaling 12,500 steps.


BoilerTrail_20151025BoilerTrailBoilerFall2015Oct 25, 2015 Hike

Guided Historic Hike – Boiler Trail

Length: 4.5 km Duration: 2 hrs Difficulty: 2-moderate. The trail follows the Old Rear Forks road (Westside Big Baddeck Rd, 3 kms past Rockinghorse ranch on the left, take that road to the trail head) and is well maintained. SANS trail #760 enters approximately 100 m from the beginning of the trail and continues to a 1930’s boiler steamer and beyond. The first 1.5 km of the trail is passable with a vehicle in snow-free seasons. There is space for parking at the intersection of SANS trails #760 & #780. The trail to this point is a gentle grade with an elevation gain of about 200 feet. The next 1.5 km is relatively level with an elevation gain of about 100 feet. There is a small creek at this point with a bridge and guardrail. From this point the steepness of the trail increases with an elevation gain of about 340 feet over the next 1.5 km. Watch for the boiler on the right side of the trail. This portion is most pleasing as it passes through hardwood forest. The trail continues past the boiler and joins up with the SANS highland trails. The forest beyond the boiler is mostly young softwood. There are occasional views of the hillsides and valley. In addition to the historical significance of the boiler, the early portion of the trail skirts and crosses Mill Brook on which once stood a water-powered grist mill.

History – Boiler Trail: Leo Fownes Grandfather’s Boiler, used in the 1930’s, and abandoned when the war started. The old steam engine that ran the boiler was brought down the mountain by Leo & Stephen and is stored in our Leo & Joan Fownes Shop. ‎Fownes bros late thirties brought it up ancient tech left in forties steam powered saw mills one Fownes. Passed a lot of softwood.

In operation (samples):;_ylt=A0LEVy7AIy1WdOgAm5JXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEyODRjcmJxBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDQjAzNDFfMQRzZWMDc2M-?p=U%20Tube%20Steam%20Powered%20Woodmill&fr=chr-yo_gc#

Bras d’Or Lakes Biosphere Watershed Trail Heads


Bras d’Or Lakes Biosphere Trail Inventory Matrix Existing & Proposed


Except for trails in DNR provincial parks, and

those operated by community, First Nations

and/or municipalities, signage is poor.

Please take a map and compass

when you use these trails.


This trail inventory and accompanying map are



Please report errors and ommissions!

Lynn Baechler


Cape Smokey Provincial Park


CapeSmokeyTrail20180508_163705 (3)

1100 ft, 10 kms. Hiking time: 3-4 hours. Cape Smokey – the further you go out on the trail becomes more rocky with tree roots. Expect this trail to be hard on the feet even with hiking boots on. There are eight look-offs to enjoy coastal scenery on this trail.

Dalem Lake Provincial Park

Approximately 1 km hike encircling a lake.

Dennison Rd Big Baddeck

*Hike, Snowshoe or ski on the Dennison Rd Big Baddeck 5.2 kms roundtrip, to the old Dennison Farmhouse, Stunning Views on top! – follow the Old Margaree Rd past VCMH to the highway- cross over the highway heading norht- take first right onto Big Baddeck Rd.  Follow this road for 4 KM- the Dennison Rd is on your right. If you get to MacCharles Cross Rd, you gone a bit too far.  Please park on right side of road only and as far off pavement as possible  Old public road

Englishtown Trail

Approximately 18 km

Fairy Hole Trail (or Glooscap’s Caves)

FerryHoleFairyHole1 Fairyhole2

Cape Dauphin; From Sydney, take Route 125 to the Trans-Canada Highway (Hwy. 104). Continue until you cross the Seal Island Bridge. Once you cross the bridge you will be at the base of Kelly’s Mountain. Mid-way up the mountain, there is a sharp hair-pin curve with a gravel road that turns right in the middle of it. This is Newcampbellton Rd. You will drive on Newcampbellton Rd. to the end which is approximately 18km (this is Cape Dauphin). Park on the side of the road and the trail entrance is clearly visible to the left.

Mi’kmaq legend where it is said that Glooscap (a Mi’kmaq hero) used to live in this area and the cave was his domain. One day while out in his canoe, he was teased by two woman on shore and became very mad at them. Glooscap jumped in his canoe breaking it instantly into two pieces. These two pieces are said to be the bird islands which you can see off to the right from the shore (the famous puffins reside there). In his rage, Glooscap then turned the women to stone and they are said to be two stone pillars that now guard the cave. Also, in the 1700’s, the French considered Cape Dauphin as their fortress site but instead choose Louisburg. This is how Cape “Dauphin” derived its name.

fairy-hole-fallsoct0612-03-largeFalls at Fairy Hole

It’s a quick hike to the falls. From your parking area, it’s only about 1.25km to the falls. You can hear the falls from the top of the cliff, but you can’t quite see them at that point. You have to scramble down the side of the cliff down to the river. There is a thick marine grade rope you can use to keep safe. It can be slippery with the mud and rocks, so if you decide to visit, make sure to take your time and watch your footing. Once down at the river you’re met with the river and these small falls. They’re not the most spectacular falls on Cape Breton but they’re still pretty cool!

Freshwater Lake & Look-Off Trail


2.5 km (1.5 miles). Hiking time: 45 minutes.

Gaelic College Trails


St. Ann’s; Total length of trails 7 km (4.5mi). Phone: 902.295.3441

Gold Brook Mine Trail – Hike/Snowshoe
GoldBrookMineHikeLarryGibbons The hike is about two hours to the mine and back. 7.2 kms total difference (3.6 Km one way). Some climbing at one point around a twenty/thirty foot gap/ravine. At the mine there is a little bit of climbing along the brook and a crossing of the brook which may give participants a soaker if the water is running high. Located in Middle River. Directions: As you enter the Cabot Trail at the Red Barn on Highway 105 travel through Middle River and on the Right you’ll see Gold Brook Road (!/summary/85010247/zoom/15) – Enter there and follow to the end. Hike will begin there

Highland Village Museum Site & Nature Trail


Kidston Island Walking Trails – Baddeck



KidstonIslandJul2014 KidstonIslandLighthouseCloseupJuly132012

Lewis Mountain Trail (MacPherson Brook)



Lewis Mountain (St.Ann’s Bay)


Lewis Mountain Trail – The Lewis Mountain Shared Use Trail is officially open for cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling. Volunteers have made improvements and the Baddeck & Area Snowmobile Club has recently groomed the trail. The parking lot at the end of Lewis Mountain Road is being maintained by TIR

The first part of the trail has a short uphill, then down and a flat stretch. After that there is a steady climb up Lewis Mountain and perhaps a side trail to the site of the old Morrison Farm.

Time: 1.5 to 2 hours

Dress in layers- it gets warm going uphill and cooler on the return trip.
Poles are recommended

Directions from Baddeck
Take Highway 105 to the St Ann’s exit and turn left onto the Cabot Trail.
Travel about 5.5 km; Turn left onto Lewis Mountain Trail Road.

Directions from Sydney or North Side
Take Highway 105 to the St Ann’s exit and turn right onto the Cabot Trail.
Travel about 5.5 km Turn left onto Lewis Mountain Trail Road.

Meat Cove (Inverness County via Victoria County)


1100 ft; Meat Cove is steep and will be hard on the calfs and heels going up and thighs going down.  The views are incredible on top of this mountain. Take time to explore and enjoy them; Park at the Meat Cove Welcome Centre and area. There are washrooms at the Welcome Centre as well they serve food and also have a CAP Site.

The Meat Cove Mountain trail follows a small creek bed upward through a hard wood forest comprised mostly of birch. This steady climb of 233m over 3/4km can be difficult but only lasts about 25 minutes if you take your time and have some well deserved breaks.

As you reach the top, the trail levels off and opens to a grass flatland littered with blueberries in early September and traces of bear – The view from the top is 360º of WOW. It’s difficult to take a bad photo. The ridge stretches 1km in length and is quite easy to navigate on the well worn path. Here you will receive a view unmatched by many. Perched 900ft above the Meat Cove River, you realize why they call this the Highlands. You can also look toward the Atlantic Ocean and get a great view of St. Paul’s Island.

Knowing that it is only a quick 25 minute hike back down allows you to sit and enjoy the view as long as you possibly can.

Money Point Mountain / “Gulch” (Kauzmann Trail)



“Dragons Spine” of Money Point Mountain – Money Point Gulch

MacPherson Brook Trail

MacPherson Brook Trail General Information MacPherson Brook Trail Map

Money Point Light Trail




The trail begins at the end of Money Point Road, Bay St. Lawrence . Section 1 – Hikers will climb a mountain approximately 45-50 minutes to the top.   Section 2 – A 2.2 km hike across the cape on a reasonably level old road. After 300 m the trail converges with a road coming from the right. We keep straight. After another 1.7 km we take a trail bearing off 60 degree to the left. Section 3 – The third leg is 1.7 km down an old very rutted, gravely, trail made narrow by alders. One gets views of Aspy Bay, White Point, and St. Paul Island. Elevation change: 328 m; Approximate time: 45 minutes (Allow at least an hour for the return up.) Section 4 – The fourth leg is 1.4 km hike (20 minutes) on a level trail along the top of a 25 m cliff dropping to the water. If one goes to the edge of the bank, one can perhaps find remnants of two shipwrecks. Several hundred meters along the trail one passes the square cellar hole of the original Cape North Light that was built in 1876 and burnt down about 1908. In 1908 a stone lighthouse was built 1 kilometer on the trail. This magnificent light served the area until 1981. In 1981 the lighthouse was disassembled stone-by-stone and reassembled as a museum in Ottawa where it remains today. A ‘cheap’ plywood lighthouse was erected in its place. On May 10, 2010 the Canadian Coast Guard started tearing down the wind damaged plywood lighthouse. It has been replace with a steal tower and solar panels.  Hikers return by hiking Section 4, then section 3 and to section 2  to the intersection.

Other notes –  The accents and descents are on rocky, gravely surfaces. YOU NEED GOOD FOOTWEAR – hiking boots. Weather conditions may change quickly. BRING A WINDBREAKER. Recommended to have hiking poles for accents, descents and balance on difficult terrain. Total elevation change 630 m.

Time/Distance: 4-4.5 hrs / 10 km / Difficulty Rating: 5E

Trail head/Starting Point: At the end of the Money Point Road

North River (Big) Falls


  • 18 kms. Hiking time: 6 to 8 hours

North River Falls Stats:

-31,500 Steps -14.41 Miles -5611 Calories Burned -140 floors… -96 Heart Rate
(Call 902.295.2554 to check trail status)

NorthRiverFallsJuly302014 095

North River Little Falls

Nice Video from Yves on the Snowshoe to North River Little Falls Feb. 6, 2016 as part of the St. Ann’s Saturday Afternoon Community Hikes Saturdays 1:00 pm


Length: 2 km Duration: 30 – 45 mins

Difficulty: 2

A short hiking trail that takes you through a forested area to the Little Falls of North River. An area popular for different types of fungi along the way. Some great photo opportunities on this hike.

Trailhead starting point: North River Provincial Park at end of the Oregon Road – 5 kms gravel off the Cabot Trail.

Rear Barachois Trail


2.5 hour Hike – Please take water & snack, sturdy boots

RearBarachoisTrailsDay2013Victoria, Subd. A-20130602-04516

Park at Barachois Bridge – Spectacular Views For You!

Begins on the old Cabot Trail to old farms (Not farmed in 50-60 yrs) to the power lines.

Red Island Trail

(Entry –  to the right of the St. Ann’s Bay United Church Hall Tea Room on the Cabot Trail )

Roberts Mountain (Pleasant Bay, Inverness County)

3 PeaksRobertsMountain July 2014 055

Northeast tip of Cape Breton Island – 1126 feet, 4 km; The hike is broken down into three sections:

Section 1 – The trail follows a ‘wood’ road up to a communication tower and building.

Section 2 – the trail is steeper and follows a dirt path through second growth spruce.

Section 3 – The path goes straight up through an exposed clear field to the top of the      mountain. The trail is very steep and the footing is loose gravel.

Ski – Tuonela


Located 10km (6mi) past the Gaelic College on the Cabot Trail – St. Ann’s. 15km (9mi) of groomed woodland trails; some challenging hills. Telemark hill and 125m (400ft) serviced by ski tow; 4km ski to lodge. Open Dec. to April. Phone: 902.929.2144

Silver Dart Trail

*Park at the parking lot at Alderwood seniors complex on Shore rd- trail behind the Silver Dart- good for all levels of ability- ski or snowshoe  this is private property, so best to check with Silver Dart before accessing.

Smokey Mountain Parking Lot to the Microwave Towers


This trail provides two great panorama views of the North Shore and of Ingonish …. take your camera.  You will hike up an old road to both locations. You will pass a few towers along the way.  4 kms  1-1.5 hours. Difficulty Rating – 2C . This hike will take place directly across the Cape Smokey Provincial Park

Trailhead/Starting Point – Please park your cars in the Cape Smokey Provincial Park. Walk out from the parking lot and cross the Cabot Trail highway to the road entry and follow the road to the top of smokey. On your way up. you’ll see a red building, that’s your first destination. As you approach the top of Smokey, take the first road leading to the right. Follow this until you reach the right side of the building and the last tower. A spectacular view awaits of Down North, Victoria County including overlooking Middle Head Trail, Keltic Lodge, Ingonish Beach…Breathtaking.

Continue on back to the main road and turn right heading again towards the peak. You do not want to follow the road all the way to the top, take your first left and follow that road to the building and go the left of the building and stay left going behind the building until you see the worn path. Follow this path to a view of the highlands and to a big rock that overlooks the North Shore of Victoria County – breathtaking. Enjoy.

Smokey Towers Trail Google Map

It is a rocky roadway that is used by employees to access the microwave towers. Once up there it is open, very rough and the view is awesome. At the top you can wonder around to get good vantage points.

There are four towers. It is uphill on the way up, downhill on the way back. Rocky underfoot so good footwear advised. Open, basically no trees, and high altitude, so it could be windy and cold. Wind breaker and head cover advised. Water bottle is a good idea also.


(Directions: Drive to picnic park entrance on top of Smokey Mountain. If park is open –  can park in the parking lot at park site. If not, park on pull-off just before the entrance or pull into road on left just after picnic park entrance.

Surprise Cove Trail

SundaysOnsnowsurpisecove feb 8 2915 1

*Old road between Plaister Mines and Big Harbour- Trail has been packed with a skidoo, so conditions will be great.  this is an old public road and trail is maintained by ATV and snowmobile clubs.  It is a flat trail, sheltered and good for snowshoes or cross country skis Dress in layers, mitts might be better today than gloves.  Poles recommended. 

Plaister Mines (off Route 205) (Just past Highland Cemetery) – leave baddeck oalong the water past the bell museum beinn breigh and on the right you’ll see plaister mines, head down that rd, 1 km or so and you’ll see an old yield sign on the left, that is the trail, amazing in there. Plaister Mines Rd, which is off route 205 (Baddeck Bay RD) OK to promote this, is old public road and trail maintained by ATV and snowmobile clubs

Tenerife Trail

4 kms; 1050 ft. 3 kms from Cape North Turn heading towards Bay St Lawrence. Parking area on right, look for trail head markings on the opposite side of the road. Very tough trail, especially as you near the peak with loose gravel and rocks making it very difficult. “Earn Your Views” with Tenerife Trail!

Uisge Ban Falls Provincial Park – Hike/Snowshoe (All Seasons!)

Please note: River Trail is Closed! (May 28, 2017 / August 9, 2018):

Directions: Follow the Old Margaree Rd north over the overpass.   Travel about 5.5 Km to a single Lane bridge.   Turn right and follow this road until you see a sign for the North Branch Rd.  Turn left and follow this road to the end. Park here

4632 total steps


Former Councilor Athol Grant (District 2) Brings You On a Hike to Uisge Ban Falls: Touring Uisage Ban Falls



One of the most beautiful falls in Nova Scotia (pronounced ‘ush-ka ban’). Hwy 105, Exit 9 watch for signs. It 14.5 km north of Baddeck at 715 North Branch Road, Forks Baddeck. It features signage and clearly marked trails. 1.5-km (1-mi) trail leads to a spectacular 15-m (50-ft) waterfall in a granite gorge. 2-km (1.5-mi) trail following the North Branch River. Beautiful hardwood stands along cliffs. Brochure available. Parking, picnic tables (some with shelters).

7 km (4.3 miles). Hiking time: 2 ½ hours.

Wilkie Sugar Loaf Trail

1400 ft;  Located just 1km North of Cabot Landing Provincal Park, Wilkie Sugarloaf Mountain gives you a view of Northern Cape Breton which you will soon not forget. Park at Cabot Landing Provincial Park (There is no parking lot at Sugar Loaf).  Trailhead from the parking lot  – walk 1km to the start of the trail. A map has been included to help you with the location of the Sugar Loaf Mountain and Cabot Landing Provincial Park.

Incredible views on top of Sugar Loaf Mountain.  Recommend poles for balance and stability going up and down.


Wilkie’s Gulch / Cabot Landing View Trail (Behind Sugar Loaf)

WilkiesGulchTrailsDay2013IMG_2733 copy

2.5 hour Hike; Distance is roughly 6 km. The incline is not steep but the trail portion is uphill. Park at the Aliant Building on Bay Road between Bay St Lawrence & Cape North. Cross the street to the trail.



*Spectacular Views, Social and Physical Activity Awaits.

White Point


6km Return; White Point was once a busy little place. By 1922 it was home to a lobster factory, church, school and a sawmill, not to mention many homes. Now all that remains to mark what was once a booming French fishing village are a few stone foundations and a cemetery, with a cross marking the final resting place of the unknown sailor.

From White Point you can look across Aspy Bay to Cape North and Money point. Or let your eye follow the coast to the white sand of Dingwall and Cabot Landing. And far on the horizon you can just make out St. Paul Island. The trails on White Point can lead you aimlessly around the point. The best way to follow them is to take the most prominent of the trails down to the point itself. From there if you turn around toward where you came from, and look toward your left you will see a small trail leading to a hill marked with a pile of stones at the top. Rounding the base of this hill on the ocean side you will pick up the trail and notice that it is mark the rest of the way along the coast with red paint splashed on the rocks.

This trail takes you to Big Burnt Head Cove. Perched upon a cliff, this is a great place to sit and relax, have a picnic. You will notice that there are many of them around. Look for Bald Eagles circling overhead.

Wreck Cove Hydro Trail


Oh, the Places You’ll Go…Surge Lake, Wreck Cove

4.86 kms; 3:05:21 hours

Spectacular views, challenging uphill – one way

You’ll visit Dam-Phase 1 Road (Hydro Project) – 40 years later


Round trip 4 mile – dam, lake, Breathtaking

Don’t Forget Your Camera, Water and dress accordingly!

Branch Pond Look-off


8.1 km (5 miles) return. Hiking Time: 2 to 3 hours; Branch Pond look-off.  This trail 8 plus km takes you into the interior of the Cape Breton Highlands National Park in a barren area. You have a great view of Cape Smokey and North Mountains range.

Cape Mabou Highlands (Inverness County)


This wondrous highland network has 12 nature trails, measuring over 3o km in total (some trails may be closed due to a spruce bark beetle infestation). The trails takes you along old cart tracks, which connected pioneer settlements, and near sheer oceanside cliffs and isolated beaches. You will travel rising mountains, hardwood forests, glens, and meadows.

The trail system offers the option of several trailheads to start from and many rout possibilities ranging from approximately 5km to the entire 30km. You can buy trail maps at the Mabou Freshmart.

Pollett’s Cove Trail

 Approximately 19 km return.
Hiking Time: 8 hours

L’Acadien Trail


8.4 km; Climb 365 metres above the Chéticamp River for panoramic views of the Acadian coastline, the Chéticamp river valley and the Park’s highland interior. Benches along the way let you rest periodically and enjoy the scenery. Watch how the forest changes as you climb steadily to the top and be on the look out for black bear and moose.

Caution: long steep climb, carry water.

Trailhead: Opposite the Chéticamp Visitor Centre.
Significant Feature: Ocean and mountain scenery
Hiking Time: 3 – 4 hours
Elevation: 20 – 365 m (65 – 1200 ft.)


Trous de Saumon Trail


13 km (8 miles). Hiking Time: 4 to 5 hours.

Le Chemin du Buttereau Trail

5 km (3 miles). Hiking time: 1.5 to 2 hours.

Corney Brook

8 km (5 miles). Hiking time: 2 to 3 hours.

Skyline Trail


7.5 kms (9.2 kms loop). Hiking time: 2 to 3 hours.

Bog Trail

0.6 km (0.4 miles) loop. Hiking time: 20 to 30 minutes.

Benjies Lake

3.2 km (2 miles) return. Hiking time: 1 to 2 hours.

Fishing Cove Trail


-16 km (10 miles). Hiking time: 4 to 5 hours.


-2 hrs / 5.7 kms; Short trail down to Fishing Cove and  the uphill on way back.  Descend through hardwood Acadian forest to a small cove on the Gulf of St. Lawrence ( Atlantic Ocean), once home to several Acadian families and a small lobstery cannery. Prime example of 17 forested canyons in the national park. whales, eagles, gannets, kingfishers can been seen in the cove. Steep Uphill returning.

MacIntosh Brook

2.8 km (2 miles). Hiking time: 50 minutes

The Lone Shieling

 0.8 km (½ miles) Hiking time: 2 to 3 hours

Aspy Trail

9.6 km (6 miles) Hiking time: 2 to 3 hours.

John D. and Lobster Lake Trail
15 km (9 miles) return. Hiking time: 6 to 7 hours.

Jigging Cove Lake and Brook Trails
7 km (4.5 miles) return. Hiking time: 2 hours.

Coastal Trail


11 km (6.6 miles). Hiking time: 3 to 4 hours.

Jack Pine Trail
2.8 km (1.7 miles). Hiking time: 1 hour.

Broad Cove Mountain Trail
3.2 km (2 miles). Hiking time: 1 ½ to 2 hours.

Warren Lake Trail


8.5 km (5.3 miles) loop. Hiking time: 2 ½ to 3 hours.

Lake of Islands Trail
25.8 km (16 miles) return. Hiking time: 8 to 9 hours.

Franey Trail


7.4 km. Hiking time: 3 to 4 hours; Climb 366 metres in 3 hours or less. Enjoy a panoramic view of the Clyburn Valley and Middlehead. Hike through mixed woods to a cliff-top look off providing breathtaking views of the Clyburn Valley and the surrounding highlands, extending ridge upon ridge into the distance. You are in the domain of ravens and eagles and they can be seen below you, soaring among the walls and buttresses of the cliffs.

Clyburn Valley Trail


9.2 km (5.7 miles) return. Hiking time: 2 to 3 hours.

Middle Head Trail


4 km (2 ½ miles). Hiking time: 1 ½ to 2 hours.

Egypt Falls

2 km (return) with a steep uphill on the way back.

Lowland Cove

4 hour trail

Big Farm Road Trail 

*Excellent and sheltered. – wood road at the end of the Big Farm Rd in Big Baddeck This is suitable for snowshoes or skis and good for all levels of fitness. Trail is through mostly hardwood and is quite sheltered. You need to know where to go or you could get lost.  It loops around and there are several off-shoots

Bell Bay Golf Course


*Excellent.  OK if no wind.  It is technically a private club so best check with Bell Bay Golf Course



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