Community Health Board

Victoria County Community Health Board

For residents of Inverness and Victoria Counties
We invite you to take our survey and share what you think are the issues or conditions that prevent you, your family, and your community from living healthy.
Community Health Boards (CHBs) want to better understand community priorities, as well as to identify the supports people and communities need to improve their health. Since we are in a new planning cycle, we are kick starting with the launch of our short survey.
A hard copy of this survey is available at many locations such as hospitals, municipal offices, libraries, and pharmacies throughout your local community. We will post the locations as we confirm them.
If you wish to complete the full survey, you can download the two documents: 2018 Survey and the Take Away documents in the Document Library. You can return surveys by mail, by email at Or look for a drop off box at one of the many locations in your community.
We are offering both paper and online surveys to reach as many people and communities as possible. The information gathered from this survey will direct the CHB to support local health promotion initiatives and partner with local groups to improve the health of our communities.



HELD – Community Health Boards across Nova Scotia are now accepting applications for Wellness Fund Grants.
Do you have an idea for improving health and wellness in your community?
Wellness Funds are available to support projects that advance community health board priorities and use a population health-based approach in addressing the social determinants of health


The deadline for applications was October 15th, 2017. The application can be sent to or • If they have any questions, please call Tamara Stevens at 902.787.3517.

For more information or to download the application visit or contact your local Community Health Board.

Please note: CHB Wellness Fund grants are intended for non-profit community-based organizations. Programs and services offered by an individual, for-profit organization, government department, municipal unit, school board or NSHA are not eligible.

These groups are encouraged to promote this opportunity and support community organizations in submitting an application.

HELD – Wellness Fund Grants 2017-18

Community Health Boards across Nova Scotia are now accepting applications for Wellness Fund Grants. The deadline for applications was October 15th, 2017.

For more information or to download the application visit: or contact your local Community Health Board

The Community Health Boards (CHB) of Nova Scotia, through the Wellness Funds, support non-profit groups in developing healthy communities.

Wellness Funds support projects addressing local community health plan priorities and the social determinants of health, such as income, education, social supports, early childhood development, etc. These funds are provided by the Department of Health and Wellness.

Do you have a project…
•that will help improve the health of your community?
•that will help people take control of their lives and improve their health?

If so, please fill out our wellness fund application and apply to your local CHB,

Applications must be submitted to each CHB to which you are applying. You may apply to more than one CHB if your project occurs in more than one CHB area. Deadline for Applications: 12:00 Midnight, November 1, 2016

Please note not all projects submitted may be able to be funded. CHBs frequently receive more applications for funding than funds available.


Community Health Board Wellness Grants 2016-2017

Wellness Grant applications will be available on the Nova Scotia Health Authority website, HERE ( ) in early September with a November 1, 2016 deadline. For more information, please contact the Community Health Board Coordinator @ 902-794-8942,

Here is the List of Approved Grants 2015-16:

  • Baddeck Nursery School Healthy Eating Program    $500    Baddeck Nursery School Board, Holly MacInnis
  • Baddeck Nursery School Playground Upgrade          $500    Baddeck Nursery School Board, Holly MacInnis
  • Fresh Fruits Every Day                                               $500    Wagmatcook Fresh Fruit, (School) Gloria MacKaskill
  • Girls in Motion                                                          $300    Kim Dixon, Raelene Timmons; childrens’ group
  • Home and School Healthy Lunches                          $500    North Highlands Elementary Home and School, Crystal MacKinnon
  • Mini-Rugby; 4 – 14                                                   $400    Baddeck Rugby Club, Rev. Brian MacLeod
  • North Highlands Nordic Ski Club                               $500    North Highlands Nordic Ski Club, Linda Murray
  • Orienteering                                                              $300    Biosphere Northeast Trails Association, Minga O’Brien
  • Promoting Healthy Eating                                         $300    Baddeck Academy Playground/Parent Group, Bonnie Kuchta
  • Recreational Program Development                        $250    Ingonish Development Society, Kyla Dunphy-Williams
  • Recreational Summer Soccer Program                     $200    Iona Soccer Club, Murdell MacNeil
  • Seniors Chair Fitness Program                                 $300    Little Narrows Development Association, Georgina MacLeod,
  • Senior’s Healthy Luncheons                                  $1,000    St. Ann’s Bay Community Health Group Society, Nancy Smith
  • Seniors Social Networking for Healthy Living         $680    Friends of the Big Bras d’Or Firehall, Mike MacDonald
  • Sun Gym equipment and floor repair                      $500    Bay St. Lawrence Health Society, Margrit Gahlinger

           TOTAL:                                                                        $6,730 

2015-16 Approved Grants Review:

The volunteer board members of the Victoria County Community Health Board met to review and approve grant applications.

It was a difficult evening. In previous years, we had approximately $28,000 to distribute in the community, split almost evenly between two programs. However, one of the programs was discontinued. And, two days ago, we learned that our budget under the remaining program had shrunk to $6,730, according to a formula based on population and used by NS Health throughout the province.

We had $54,630 in applications.

As you can imagine, making the decisions was challenging. All the applications represented good projects, by good people, and we would have been far happier if we could have helped them all succeed.

Last year, we consulted Victoria County residents for direction on our priorities. They told us to put physical activity and healthy food at the top of the list. We have followed that. We also adhered to criteria laid down by NS Health. For example, the grant program emphasizes volunteering, so projects that pay a salary to the organizers were not approved. We also considered factors that would let the money do the most good, such as the number of participants. And, we tried to spread the grants throughout the county.


This message is going out simultaneously to all applicants. The community health board would like to thank all of you for your generosity of time and commitment in making Victoria County a healthier place to live.

 Sincerely – Anne Farries, Chair, Victoria County Community Health Board / 902.756.9185 


Nova Scotia’s Community Health Boards (CHBs) are once again seeking applications for wellness funds.

A CHB is a committed group of volunteers legislated by the Health Authorities Act. They are mandated to carry out key functions to ensure the health system is responsive to community health needs.

Through the wellness funds, the 37 CHBs support non-profit groups in developing healthy communities. The funding for this initiative comes from the Department of Health and Wellness.

The deadline to apply for Wellness Funds is Nov. 1, 2015. For full details please visit, or contact your local CHB. Applications must be submitted to each CHB to which you are applying.  You may apply to more than one CHB if your project occurs in more than one CHB area. Not all projects submitted may be able to be funded, as CHBs frequently receive more applications for funding than funds available, but all those eligible are encourage to apply.

You can forward any Wellness Grant Applications to the Attention of Admin Assistant Benita Manzine. She is the collection point for all of the grant applications this year. Here is the contact info:

Benita Manzine –

Administrative Assistant

Population Health & Research

Nova Scotia Health Authority

235 Townsend Street

Sydney, NS B1P 5E7

Office: 902-563-1833

Fax: 902-563-0508

Nova Scotia Health Authority

Need money for a project or program that helps improve the health and wellness  of your community?   Community Health Boards across Cape Breton are accepting applications for Wellness grants to help community organizations promote healthy eating, active living, mental health, coping skills and improved personal health.  No project is considered too small as grants range anywhere from $100 to $3,000.  Projects can focus on specific target groups from youth to seniors and can involve new programs, pilot projects, one-time events or on-going community activities. Deadline is November 1, 2015 and applications can be downloaded  from  For more information please contact Benita Manzine, 902-563-1833,   Want to make your community a healthier place to live?     You can make a difference by volunteering two hours a month of your time to your local Community Health Board (CHB).  Central Cape Breton County CHB meet in Sydney, Northside the Lakes CHB  meet in North Sydney, East Cape Breton County CHB meet in Glace Bay, Victoria County CHB meet in Baddeck or St. Ann’s, Central Inverness CHB meet in Inverness and North Inverness CHB meet in Cheticamp.  CHBs are presently recruiting new members and would like to hear from you.  Please contact Debbie Martell, 902-794-8942 to find out how to get involved.

Grants were approved for 22 Projects in Victoria County 2014-15. Please scroll; there is something here for everyone! The funding comes from the Cape Breton Health District, and the grants were approved by volunteers on the Community Health Board. What great programs! Thank you to all the organizers!
SENIORS HEALTHY LUNCH with guest speakers. St. Ann’s Bay Community Health Group 902-929-2889

FRIDAY FRUIT TRAYS for 173 students in grades K – 12. Wagmatcookewey School.

COOKING WORKSHOPS emphasizing local nutritious, fresh and whole foods. Baddeck Community Market. Veronika Brzeski. 902-929-2757


YOUTH COOKING WORKSHOP encouraging fresh, healthy food. Baddeck. Alicia Lake 902-577-3260 cblocalfood

ME TIME FITNESS: yoga and weight training. Baddeck. Cyndi Ingraham 902-578-4483

OVER 40 MEN’S HOCKEY Baddeck. David Fraser 902-295-3118 –

YOGA, BELLY FIT, WORLD DRUMMING & SENIOR EXERCISE. Big Bras D’or Firehall. Patsy MacKenzie 902-674-2374

INTRODUCTION TO ARCHERY for all ages. BRAS D’OR ARCHERS. Stephen Kerr 902-295-1519.

FOOT CARE CLINIC. Big Bras D’or Firehall. Patsy MacKenzie 902-674-2374

LUNCH AND LEARN community meetings. Neil’s Harbour / New Haven. David Donovan 902-336-2546 –

HOT & HEALTHY LUNCHES for students. North Highlands Elementary.

CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING for grades 4-6. North Highlands Elementary.

COMMUNITY ORCHARD Bay St. Lawrence Community Centre. Claudia Gahlinger 902-383-2198

GUEST SPEAKERS on dementia, aging & living at home, walk & talk, a healthy back, sustainable communities, story sessions. Englishtown Community Hall. Beth MacCormick 902-929-2687

LIFESTYLE WORKSHOPS FOR MEN 18 and older. Second Chance Society. 902-567-0979

LET’S GO RIDE A BIKE Cape Breton Down Syndrome Society 902-577-4290

CAPE BRETON FIDDLERS RUN Youth cross-country running. Bernadette MacLellan 902-564-0087

HEMACHROMATOSIS EDUCATION hidden iron overload in Celtic descendants. Canadian Hemachromatosis Society, Gordon Sutherland 902-828-2645

LOGO DEVELOPMENT Pan Cape Breton Food Hub, to build advertising of local food. Alicia Lake 902-577-3260 cblocalfood

MONDAY NIGHT HOCKEY for Iona and nearby communities, youth and adult. Kevin MacKenzie 902-622-2667 or 902-322-4683

CIRCUIT TRAINING, BASKETBALL, DANCING and other fitness programs. Washabuck Community Centre. 902-725-2444

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