Healthy Eating in Victoria County Physical Activity Recreation Sports Settings

Thanks Vince! Looks like a great initiative” – Georgia MacNeil, Ecology Action Centre (Dec. 12, 2016)

Thank you so much Vince! Your e-mail reminded me that we will need to start applying soon for many of the funding programs! I will certainly look into this one, as always, we greatly appreciate your support” – Sarah Penney (Dec. 12, 2016)

Health Eating in Physical Activity Recreation Sports Settings Funding Assistance Successful Recipients 2016-2017

Organization Project Awarded
South Haven Community Hall Refrigerator 1170.45
Washabuck Community Centre Refrigerator 2000
St Ann’s Bay United Church Hall Refrigerator 1265
Smokey Recreational Society Refrigerator 1033.5
Victoria Highland Civic Centre Refrigerator 1000
North of Smokey Food Bank Refrigerator 2000
Cape North Farmers Market Co-op Ltd Cider/Juice Press 2000
TOTAL 10,468.95

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***Thank you to all of our Victoria County Organizations who Applied for the Healthy Eating in Physical Activity Recreation Sports Settings Assistance Funds for 2016-2017, It was Greatly Appreciated. $34,277.60 was received in Requests/Applications for $10,000 Budgeted under this program. Thank You for Your Continued Cooperation and Support of Naturally Active for Life Victoria county, in Partnership, it was greatly Appreciated. Pending Victoria County Physical Activity Department Budget Approval 2017-18, a November 17, 2017 Deadline is Anticipated. Look for further information as it becomes available. All the best to our successful organizations above in partnership, our inaugural recipients under this new Program/Policy

CLOSED – NEW Funding Assistance Grants 2016-2017 Available for Healthy Eating in Physical Activity Recreation Sports Settings in Victoria County

Application Downloadable for Your Convenience:


To assist Victoria County physical activity, recreation & sports facilities, including community halls, schools, to offer residents healthier eating options, the Municipal Physical Activity Strategy (Naturally Active for Life Victoria County Est. 2011) in Partnership with NS Health Authority and Victoria County supports Victoria County Volunteers, leaders, organizations, Facility Operators & Service Providers in our Communities to provide equipment replacement, healthy menus & purchases, programs & events, etc. that will assist in the preparation of healthy food and beverages and the implementation of the Victoria County Healthy Eating in Physical Activity Recreation Sports Settings Draft Policy Approved by Council July 2016 (Please see below).



The Assistance Fund 2016-17 budgeted in the Physical Activity Department is available to physical activity, recreation and sports settings that serve or sell foods or beverages through a canteen, cafeteria, vending machines, hospitality rooms and potlucks, etc. Below is the Application for Funding Assistance ***DEADLINE Jan. 13, 2017*** and Tool Kits (Please see below) created in Partnership with the NS Health Authority to assist our groups in their application (s) & implementation of this very beneficial program for residents & seasonal residents.



Who Can Apply:

Settings include but are not limited to parks, physical activity, recreation & sports settings, multi-purpose complexes, community centres and halls, publically funded and not-for-profit fitness centers, golf courses, tennis, arena, curling rinks, art centers, aquatic facilities, summer/march break camps, sports fields, hospitality rooms & trails.

Organizations Eligible for Assistance Funding:

-Municipal & Staff Wellness Programs

-Boards that manage facilities

-Organizations accessing facilities

-Public organizations Incorporated as not for profit society under the NS Joint stocks, societies act of NS Victoria County



Items Eligible for Assistance Funding:

***(Please refer to Pages 14-25 in the HERSS Tool Kit above for more examples)

-Meal preparation equipment

-Convection & Conventional ovens



-Vending machines, healthy options

-Panini maker

-Smoothie machines





-Community Gardens

-Healthy Menus

-Local food production