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Rebecca Jean Wall – “Resistance Training !You got this. I am going to love helping others feel strong!  For 12 years I have focused on cardio in teaching anaerobic as a group instructor but becoming a personal trainer is a whole “mother” level !  I’m coming for ya this spring after certification ! Thank You to Naturally Active for Life Victoria County for leadership incentive!” Vince Forrestall (Jan. 30, 2017)

Hi Vince: Thanks for sending along the information (Physical Activity, Leadership & Healthy Eating Assistance Funds available through the Strategy 2016-17). A huge help! Much appreciated” – Ann Marie MacNeil, Iona & Strategy Implementation Team (VCAN-Victoria County Action Network) Since 2011 (May 4, 2016)

Naturally Active for Life Victoria County Action Network

Leadership Development Assistance Fund 2016-2017



*Providing financial assistance for individuals wishing to improve their leadership & coaching skills in the physical activity, sport & leisure sector through certified courses, clinics, certifications, etc.


Provide financial assistance to new initiatives in leadership training & development, which results in:

*increase involvement in Physical Activity Leadership Roles

*increased and improved Physical activity Leadership skills of community leisure, physical activity and sports leaders

The fund is to develop values and adopt the following strategic principles of NS Physical Activities Strategy for children, youth, adults and families in our community

*Qualified Leadership among service providers is essential to physical activities that maximize healthy development in all age groups.

*The strategy will identify and build on what is currently offered by existing groups, organization is a proven method of achieving results.

Application Details:

*Applications may be submitted at any time throughout the year and must be submitted prior to event/activity.

*maximum amount to be funded is 50% of the proposal cost up to maximum of $ ________ per application.

*Eligible cost shareable expenses include instructor fees, accommodations, travel, instructional materials, etc.

*applicant must provide services back to community for (6) months

For further information, please contact Strategy Coordinator:

495 Chebucto St Box 370, Baddeck, NS B0E 1B0

E-mail:        / Tel: 902.295.3661 / Fax: 902.295.1864


Leadership Initiative Granting Program

The Rural Communities Foundation of Nova Scotia offers annual Rural Leadership Initiative Grants. The Rural Leadership Initiative promotes rural leadership development in the process of serving community needs. The intent of these grants is to enhance leadership within rural communities, both skill and leadership capacity, to build on existing resources, and to increase understanding of the impact of leadership on rural communities. Applicants must be a registered charity (or be sponsored by one) and the program or service must relate to rural leadership, with a goal of enhancing leadership within rural communities. The typical grant size varies between $1000 and $5000 for projects. $15,000 in total has been allocated for the 2015 Rural Leadership Initiative granting program. Be sure to consult the guidelines before filling out the application.


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