Provincial Funding – Nova Scotia

Canadian Tire Jumpstart

Clean Foundation’s Wage Subsidy Program

Has been increased and extended! We are thrilled at the prospect of supporting more amazing organizations in Atlantic Canada. Please see below more details and if you have any questions at all then do not hesitate to reach out to me directly.

The Clean Foundation’s Professional Internship Program matches skilled young professionals (graduates under the age of 30) for 6 to 12 months experiential placements with companies throughout Canada who are working towards a clean growth economy. The program awards a wage subsidy of 50% of the interns salary up to a maximum of $15,000 per employee that is hired. The concept here is to allow organizations, who want to impact the environment in a positive way, the opportunity to afford new talent to grow their business as well as providing graduates with excellent career experience.

Based on the information that is included in our short application form we will build a job description that will then be posted and advertised throughout our network. Once we start receiving applications we will forward them along to the organization for interviewing. A company can also select their own talent and forward their names along for submission within this program (so long as they meet the criteria on our end then they will qualify for this subsidy).

Lastly, you will find attached an infographic, that give some highlights of the program. Please feel free to share with anyone in your network who may need a program like this in order to help them hire talent!

Lauren Murphy – Manager |

Join the Hive! The Atlantic network for clean growth.

Clean Foundation provides the knowledge, tools and inspiration needed to encourage the actions that lead to positive environmental change. Clean works in the traditional lands of the Mi’kmaq and Wolastoqiyik.

NS Department of Energy Connect2 Funding 2018 

The call for Connect2 2018-19 Expressions of Interest Closed March 26th, 2018. Within 48 hours of submitting your Expression of Interest you will be notified as to whether your project does or does not align with the Connect2 program, and only in the case of a successful Expression of Interest will you receive an application.

Application submission was due March 29th, 2018. We are encouraging you to allow yourself sufficient time to develop a strong application package – keeping in mind that there may be 48 hours in between submitting your Expression of Interest and receiving the Application. If you have any comments, concerns or questions regarding your application package, please do not hesitate to contact the Program Coordinator at 902-424-4073 or by email at

For more details on the Connect2 2018-19 Program, please visit: or contact:

Program Coordinator: 902-424-4073 /


NS Dept of Communities, Culture and Heritage Funding Programs

Below is a link to the Communities, Culture and Heritage website page that contains information about the department’s funding programs.  Some of these are sport and recreation programs and others are targeted at other priorities of the department.

Funding Opportunities


Small Business ACCESS-Ability Program


Small Businesses in Nova Scotia will be able to provide greater accessibility and grow their operations as part of government’s commitment of an inclusive province for all Nova Scotians.
Business Minister Geoff MacLellan, on behalf of Communities, Culture and Heritage Minister Leo Glavine, announced a $1 million Small Business ACCESS-Ability Program in support of the new Accessibility Act so businesses are more accessible
The program will provide funding to eligible business for improvements in information and communication such as accessible signage, public transportation, education and training, assistive devices for disabled employees and customers, and renovations for ramps, accessible washrooms and door openers.
We believe the program will improve business access to this growing market both in terms of customers and workers.
Starting today individual businesses can now apply for program funding.
Government will pay up two-thirds of the capped amount for each approved project. The caps range from:
–$50,000 for the built environment,
–$30,000 for accessible communication services,
–$30,000 for the provision of assistive devices,
–$40,000 for accessible transportation projects and;
–100 per cent funding dollars for Rick Hansen Foundation certification training.
For more information, application and guidelines, visit:


On September 19, Canadian Tire announced an industry-leading commitment of $50 million over a five-year period to its Jumpstart Charities for Jumpstart’s Play Finds A Way movement, which will help remove barriers to sport and play for kids with disabilities. One of the key programs within Play Finds A Way is the Jumpstart Accessibility Grants, which are intended for construction and renovations to improve accessibility to recreation facilities such as rinks, pools and community centres in communities across Canada.

Jumpstart Accessibility Grants offer two funding streams: Accessibility-Enabling Grants, which provide eligible facilities with up to $50,000 for projects to adapt and enhance existing facilities, and Inclusive Design Innovation Grants, which provide between $250,000 and $1,000,000 for projects designed to uniquely enhance sport and recreation spaces with innovative solutions.

We are excited to share with you that grant applications for both funding streams are now open for eligible organizations until March 16, 2018 and we encourage you to share with your contacts.

For more information about Jumpstart Accessibility Grants, and how to apply, please visit:

Thank you for your continued support of Jumpstart’s Play Finds a Way movement!

Scott Fraser

President, Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities

Chronic Disease Innovation Fund 

CDIF_Partners_Memo_ 2018-19 FINAL

CDIF QandA 2018-19 FINAL

Chronic Disease Innovation Fund – Guidelines and Submission (2018-19) FINAL

We are pleased to announce the third year of funding for the  Chronic Disease Innovation Fund. This fund will support new programs, or enhancements to existing programs that help Nova Scotians live healthier lives, and reduce the effects of chronic disease.  The fund will support community groups initiate practical and innovative projects that aim to improve the health outcomes of those living with, or at risk of developing chronic disease.

For the purposes of the Chronic Disease Innovation Fund, innovation is defined as “implementation of a new, leading idea or approach in healthcare that may benefit a patient group or population within a community”. Innovation in healthcare is recognized as broader than the provision of evidence based care and considers care that is evidence informed and involves the lived patient experience.

Community groups know what is needed to support and strengthen the health of their families, neighbours, and broader community.  Given their knowledge of community needs, community groups are in an ideal position to propose projects that align with their local Community Health Board Health Plan. Proposals will focus on activities that address risk factors that are common across chronic conditions.  For example, proposals can focus on helping people stop smoking, reducing harms associated with heavy drinking, improving exercise levels, helping people eat more vegetables and fruit, manage stress and support emotional well-being or combatting obesity, etc..  In addition, projects that help create supportive environments and strengthened community action can have a significant impact on overall health and quality of life. This provides opportunities for healthier choices by generating living conditions that are safe, stimulating, satisfying, and enjoyable.

Submitted projects will demonstrate the following key components:

  1. Support chronic disease prevention and management through achievable initiatives and activities that address risk factors common across chronic conditions and/or help create healthy communities and community action to support the health of those living or, or at risk of developing a chronic disease;
  2. Innovation in improving the health of people living with or at risk of developing chronic disease by addressing risk factors that are common across chronic health conditions; and
  3. Achievable outcomes within the allotted time frame

The innovation fund is open to community-based organizations, non-profit community groups (registered or non-registered) who have been together for at least 6 months and are able to receive and manage funds.  The fund is not available for private, for profit groups, individuals or businesses.

Projects must be operational within 60 days of notification of funding awarded. Funding is single year funding only and must be spent by March 31, 2019.  The innovation fund supports projects that are delivered in Nova Scotia. Projects that demonstrate long term sustainability are encouraged.

Up to $300,000 is available through the innovation fund.

The full application and guidelines can be found here:

The online submission form can be completed through the following link:

The Chronic Disease Innovation Fund can support the mandate of community groups that you work with on a regular basis.  Please share the attached documents with any community groups in your area that may benefit from the Innovation Fund.

Chronic Disease Innovation Fund – Project Lead

For more information, please contact:

  • Tina Swinamer, Health Services Lead, Primary Health Care, NSHA


Phone: 902-487-0215

Off Highway Vehicle Infrastructure Fund Grant Application

Deadline is Monday, November 13, 2017. Applications post dated on or before November 13th will be accepted. 

Please note that you must use the most recent application form. The OHVIF grant application can be found online by clicking on the following link;

Also, please note that if your group has outstanding projects that have not been finalized from 2014 and earlier,  a statement of expenditures form must be completed and submitted with accompanying invoices, cheque numbers and logsheets as soon as possible. Outstanding projects must be finalized before the application review to be eligible for future funding.

Applications must be mailed and post dated on or before Monday, November 13, 2017 to the following address;

OHV Infrastructure Fund

c/o Krista Brewer-Mackenzie PO Box 194  Lakeside NS  B3T  1M6

Fax or email submissions will not be accepted.

For further information on the OHV Infrastructure Fund, please visit our website at

Thank you, Krista

Krista Brewer-MacKenzie, Administrative Support, OHVIF Committee

PO Box 194, Lakeside, NS B3T 1M6 / (902) 789-5181

Festivals and Events Program

Festivals & Events can help create vibrant communities and provide an opportunity to showcase our unique culture.

The program was revised to better address the needs of events and to align with the Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage’s mandate and Nova Scotia’s Culture Action Plan.   This realignment is part of CCH’s commitment to events. In the coming months, we’ll be developing an event strategy to deliver on a key action of the Culture Action Plan:   The objectives of the program are to improve the sustainability and event hosting capacity of unique community events and to support home-grown events that promote or strength the unique character of the community.  Eligible expenses will cover activities like marketing, sponsorship, governance, and capacity building.

To apply please read the Program Guidelines carefully and use the application form below.  To help guide you through the application please refer to the Program Assessment Form that will be used when scoring applications.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact the Program Officer, Angela Dennison at (link sends e-mail) or (902) 424-3876.

Download Program Guidelines

Download Program Application

Download Program Assessment


Nova Scotia’s sustainable transportation grant program is now open for 2017-2018

On April 4, the Connect2 sustainable transportation grant program opened for 2017-2018. Expressions of interest, followed by applications for grants, are now being accepted from communities and organizations wishing to have more access to walking and biking paths, ride sharing, and other sustainable transportation options.

Connect2 aims to provide more options to communities to reduce their carbon footprint, and making walking, biking and using sustainable modes of transportation a practical and enjoyable choice throughout Nova Scotia.

Communities, municipalities, and organizations interested in applying for a grant are invited to first submit an expression of interest. A response along with an application form will be provided within 48 hours confirming if your proposal is eligible. The deadline to then submit your completed application is May 5.

Government will provide $600,000 to the program again this year, pending budget approval. Sustainable transportation projects focused on active transportation infrastructure design or build are eligible for up to 50 per cent of costs, to a maximum of $150,000. Projects focusing on public education and engagement, or studies to advance sustainable transportation best practices in Nova Scotia are eligible for up to 50 per cent of costs, to a maximum of $30,000.

For more detailed information and to submit an expression of interest, please visit: Should you have any questions, please contact: Sustainable Transportation Program Coordinator at

We encourage you to share this information with anyone you feel may benefit from the Connect2 program. And we look forward to hearing about your project.


NS Department of Energy


NS Youth Corps Summer

Clean Foundation is NOW accepting project proposals for the NS Youth Corps Summer 2017 Season from Community Partners. The Youth Corps provides support, mentoring and funding (max. 75% subsidy) to community partners to host full-time students (interns) ages 15 to 30 to work on environmental projects in their community. Interns gain countless transferable skills for life-long learning while making a positive impact in their communities. Since 1989, this program has graduated thousands of skilled, knowledgeable leaders into the green economy.

All interns are paid and work full-time (35 per week). There are three streams to the program:

  1. 15-week Aboriginal Leadership
  2. 15-week Post-Secondary
  3. 9-week High School

Please visit our website for the application guide, form, appendices and general program information. The Application Guide provides a detailed explanation on how to fill out the application and its appendices in their entirety.

Please submit your completed application form and 3 attached appendices ONLINE by midnight January 8th, 2017. * Only fully completed submissions will be accepted *

We have recently launched our new promotional video which you can find here and attached you will find an infographic Snapshot of the 2016 season; another successful summer!

Please feel free to share this information and RFP with your networks.

The deadline to apply is Midnight, January 8th 2017. 

Two important notes:

  1. We are happy to announce that your application can now be submitted online on Clean’s website – found here.
  2. The online and the corresponding downloadable files are found at the above link. These files include: a detailed application guide, Appendix A, B, and C, as well as an exact copy of the application, so that you can prepare your application information prior to filling in the online template.
  3. The preferred method of submission is online via the link above.
  4. Due to the increase of NS Provincial minimum wage effective January 1st 2017 – Youth Corps students’ hourly rate is also increasing for summer 2017 and thus, the 25% Host contribution has increased slightly to reflect these increases. Please review the application guide (to download, click here) for these values.

Please continue to distribution this RFP throughout your networks.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Cheers, Morgan Book

Morgan Book – Coordinator, Youth Corps & Community Programs  |  Tel: 902.420.7976  |  |  @CleanFoundation

Clean provides the knowledge, tools and inspiration needed to encourage the individual actions that add up to positive environmental change.

Chronic Disease Innovation Fund

The Chronic Disease Innovation Fund is a $300,000 annual fund designed to address the root causes of chronic disease.

Community groups, working in partnership with community health boards, will propose projects that will help Nova Scotians live longer and healthier lives. These will include helping people stop smoking and reduce their alcohol consumption; improve exercise levels; helping people eat more fruit and vegetables; and combatting obesity. Up to $75,000 will be available in each health zone of the province.

Read the project guidelines and get a copy of the application form (PDF).

Get a list of community health board contact information (PDF).



 Assistance for Children in Sport: 

  • NS tax credit for children in sport

  • Canadian Tire Jumpstart program

  • Kidsport – CBRM, Victoria


  • Kidsport (Colin Gillis)

Tax Incentives and Grants |




Community organizations working in the areas of physical activity, healthy eating and/or mental health are invited to apply for the Doctors Nova Scotia Strive Award. The award has been given annually since 2011 to a Nova Scotia community group making innovative and strategic actions to support and promote health. The award recipient will receive a $10,000 grant for the advancement of health promotion initiatives in the community. Learn more about the award and how to apply. Two previous recipients that have a physical activity component are Happily Ever Active and Velo Cape Breton.

The Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia administers a Community Grants Program to support individuals and organizations province-wide to undertake programs or services that will benefit the mental health of individuals throughout Nova Scotia. The Foundation strives to fund programs that are developed by Nova Scotians who are passionate about changing the way people think about mental illness. More information about eligibility and application requirements can be found on the Foundation’s website. For information, visit

Recreation for All Grant



The Recreation Facilities Association of Nova Scotia is proud to be working in partnership with the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness to present a Healthy Eating Equipment Replacement and Purchase Grant Program to Recreation and Sport Settings across Nova Scotia. The overall goals of the Grant are to:
 -Support a cultural shift towards healthy foods and beverages in recreation and sport settings
 -Increase access to, consumption and promotion of healthy foods and beverages
 -Decrease access to unhealthy foods and beverages
 -Create an environment that promotes overall health
 -Support efforts in healthy eating policy development and implementation

Healthy Living Tax Incentive

A tax credit of up to $500 per child. It is intended to help with the cost of registering children and youth in sport or recreation activities that offer health benefits.

Young people aged 17 and under who are registered in an approved organized sport, physical recreation, or physical activity program qualify for the tax credit.

Please note: The expansion of the Healthy Living Tax Incentive to cover expenses for recreation registration for adults has been deferred for 2014. The program for young people, aged 17 and under, remains unchanged.

Tax Credit
What is the Healthy Living Incentive?
The tax credit, or healthy living incentive, provides an allowable tax credit of up to $500 per child to help with the cost of registering children and youth in sport or recreation activities that offer health benefits.

Who is eligible?
Children and youth aged 17 and under who are registered in an approved organized sport, physical recreation, or physical activity program will qualify for the tax credit. Only receipts from those groups who have registered with Department of Health and Wellness are eligible.

Healthy Living Tax Incentive Registration Form

Registration Form:

The Healthy Living Tax Incentive is a tax credit of up to $500 per child. It is intended to help with the cost of registering children and youth in sport or recreation activities that offer health benefits.

NS Dept Communities, Sport and Recreation

Funding and Grants

The Communities, Sport and Recreation Division of the Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage (CCH) provides leadership by developing healthy policy, supporting the sport and recreation delivery system at all levels and building and maintaining effective collaborations amongst partners. With the help of the many resources available, we support the development of physical activity, sport and recreation opportunities in the province. Local or regional projects should contact their Active Living Branch Regional Representative

Development Programs

Regional Development Grant (RDG)

This program is designed to partner with regional, community, local or municipal organizations involved in physical activity, sport or recreation to achieve one or more of the following results to increase opportunities for participation in structured and unstructured physical activity, sport and recreation; increase public awareness of the health, economic, social and personal benefits of physical activity, sport and recreation; increase the number of skilled and knowledgeable volunteers and professional leaders in physical activity, sport and recreation; and to improve the capacity of community organizations that provide physical activity, sport and recreation opportunities. Applications are available throughout the year. For more information please contact the regional office in your area

Facility Programs

These Programs assist community groups, municipalities and other ‘not for profit’ organizations to develop facilities in order to increase public participation in sport and physical recreation. Facilities may include: community centres and halls, pools, arenas, athletic fields, parks, playgrounds, trails and enhanced schools for community use and other facilities that promote sport and physical recreation. Priority Population: Facilities should meet the needs of diverse groups of women and girls, men and boys. Facility planning processes should consider how difference in gender and other intersecting factors such age, language, sexual orientation, education, ability, geographic location, culture, ethnicity and income affect facility design and use. Facilities that increase engagement of diverse groups of women and girls in physical activity, sport and recreation will be given greater consideration. For more information please contact the regional office in your area

Community Recreation Capital Grant (CRCG)

This program assists in the development of small scale indoor and outdoor capital recreation projects, less than $20,000. A priority of the Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage is to conserve existing community recreation facilities (e.g. replacing a roof, furnace or playground component) and to develop new small- scale facilities. CRCG program funding must be used for: public, community recreation purposes; items of a permanent, non-consumable, capital nature; and projects where the need for financial assistance is demonstrated. Applications are available throughout the year. For more information, contact the regional office in your area

Recreation Facility Development (RFD)

This Program assists community groups, municipalities and other ‘not for profit’ organizations to develop facilities in order to increase public participation in sport and physical recreation. Facilities may include: community centres and halls, pools, arenas, athletic fields, parks, playgrounds, trails and enhanced schools for community use and other facilities that promote sport and physical recreation. Projects approved for funding are eligible to receive up to one-third of the total capital cost of the project to a maximum of  $150,000. Applications for 2016-17 are due May 2, 2016. For more information, contact the regional office in your area

Planning Assistance

The Planning Assistance Program assists community organizations and municipalities in obtaining professional assistance in planning, designing and researching proposed and existing sport and physical recreation facilities. Applications are available throughout the year. The construction of sport and physical recreation facilities represents a substantial investment by the community, the municipalities and other levels of governments. It is vital, therefore that decisions concerning the provision of facilities is based on the best information available. More and more of this information is of a specialized nature beyond the expertise of community organizations with little or no experience of facility development. For more information, contact the regional office in your area

Trail Funding Programs

Trail funding programs provide support to trail groups who are involved in all aspects of trail development; from regular trail maintenance and emergency trail repair, to building leadership capacity to building large structures that require engineering expertise.  For more information please contact:

Steve Vines, Trails Consultant:
Phone: 902-396-1325

The Trail Maintenance Program provides funding to community trail groups who are involved in regular and on-going maintenance on their trails, as well as emergency funding for major maintenance issues due to fire, flooding, hurricanes, etc.

The Community Trails Leadership Fund supports trail development in Nova Scotia through the provision of funds for leadership, organizational development, and capacity building to community trail groups. The fund helps organizations to offer training and educational opportunities for volunteers and the trail professionals who support them. It also helps the organizations acquire the expertise needed for specific aspects of trail projects

The Engineering Assistance Grant Program is designed to provide trail builders and managers with funding to help them hire engineering expertise when it is required. This could include the building of bridges or other large structures or components that require expertise to ensure they are safe and pose no risk to the environment

Recreation / Physical Activity Programs

Provincial Recreation / Physical Activity Project Funding

Project Funding is designed to support provincial organizations to undertake initiatives that address specific sport, recreation and physical activity priorities. Eligible activities are active transportation (AT), safety and injury prevention, children’s play, nature deficit, access for all (underserved populations-aboriginal, low- income, persons with disabilities, older adults and women and girls) and disparity reduction and gender equity. Priorities are determined annually and will include identified target groups, issues, risk factors, etc.For more information please contact:

Robin Norrie, Manager of Recreation:
Phone: 902-424-1251

Sport Programs

Sport Hosting

The Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage recognizes the benefits of hosting sport events in Nova Scotia and provides support to Provincial Sport Organizations through the Sport Hosting Program. For more information please contact:

Michelle Aucoin, Active Living Consultant
Phone: 902-424-7621

Gender Equity Capacity Building Support Fund

This fund is designed to help physical activity, sport and recreation organizations create supportive organizational cultures, policies, practices, and conditions to increase the engagement of diverse women and girls in physical activity, sport, and recreation as leaders, decision makers, coaches, volunteers, and participants. Various initiatives designed to build the gender equity capacity of organizations are eligible for funding, including: education and training sessions, board development workshops, organizational assessment activities, gender and diversity analysis, policy and action plan development, evaluations, etc. Applications are available throughout the year.

Eligible applicants include provincial organizations and local or regional projects. For more information, provincial organizations should contact:

Michelle Aucoin, Active Living Consultant
Phone: 902-424-7621

Sport NS Funding

This is a reminder to all groups that Sport Nova Scotia funding deadline is March 1st. Any groups that are putting together an application please feel free to run it by for review and feedback to help strengthen the application if necessary

Below are the links to the community sport grants, along with the 5 key items we look for in a successful grant application.

Manulife Financial Community Sport Fund: (program based initiatives):
Support4Sport Canada Games Sport Equipment Fund:(equipment bases initiatives):

How to create a successful application:
① Clear purpose and goal(s)
② Comprehensive and well thought out
③ Aligned with CS4L/LTAD (fit within pathway)
④ Strong explanation of the long-term benefits of the project/initiative
⑤ Sustainability (financially)

Additional items to consider is quality and quantity of the project. A strong budget including revenue, partnerships, collaboration and the overall impact of the project.
The community sport grant deadlines are currently September 1st & March 1st each year, they will be changing to August 1st and February 1st. Starting in August 2014. Decisions on community grants normally take place about 4-6 weeks after the deadline has passed, which would put them in September and March each year, (as opposed to October and April as we do now).
If you have any questions, please let contact:
Deano Morley
Sport NS – Cape Breton Community Sport Development Coordinator
(902) .595.0952

Community Health Board Grants – Victoria County


CHB Grants Poster Sept2014


The Wellness Fund is intended to:

  • promote projects that will strengthen communities, whereby the community identifies the problem or gap and implements solution(s);
  • create partnerships during the course of the funded projects, which continues beyond the project and helps build healthier communities; and
  • raise the profile of our CHBs in order to better able them to be a voice for the health of your community.
  • No project is too small!


The purpose of the Communities in Motion & Healthy Eating Initiatives Fund is to support projects and activities that have been identified by the community and the Community Health Board (CHB) as being important to increase physical activity and healthy eating within Cape Breton, Victoria and Inverness counties.

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