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Look for 2018-2018 After the Bell, After-school Time Period (ASTP) Assistance Funding Application for Victoria County Schools in the Fall 2018!

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2017-2018 After the Bell, After-school Time Period (ASTP) Funding Assistance for Victoria County Schools




After the Bell, After School Time Period Final Report 2016-17



Naturally Active for Life Victoria County (Est. 2011) in partnership with Nova Scotia Thrive & Nova Scotia Department of Communities, Culture & Heritage, CBVRSB & Victoria County Schools works with our local schools to provide assistance and support to after-school programming that includes physical activity & healthy eating benefiting our residents & visitors in our rural, isolated areas.

Canadian children & youth have adopted a modern lifestyle that includes spending a great deal of time indoors after school. The low physical activity levels and increasingly sedentary behavior patterns of Canadian youth in the after school period are startling.

Canadian health measures survey findings from StatsCanada indicates kids are sedentary 59% of the time between 3 and 6 pm getting only 14 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity in this 3 hour period. 73% of parents tell us their kids are watching TV, reading or playing video and computer games after school. This number exceeds those who report homework, chores, outdoor play and physical activity/sport in this time period.

Certain groups of children are at even higher risk than others of being physically inactive in the after school period. Girls are less likely than boys to engage in physical activity in the after school period. Children in lower income families participate less in organized sports and physical activity after school. Limited programs for adolescents may leave our teens vulnerable to increased sedentary pursuits or even risky behaviors.

The after-school time period (ASTP) is an important window of opportunity to increase physical activity. Safe and affordable after-school options provide a healthy alternative to high-risk behaviors and positive behavior change.

In recognition of this reality the government of Nova Scotia through Thrive! A plan for a healthier Nova Scotia in partnership with the Victoria County Municipal Physical Activity Strategy – Naturally Active for Life Victoria County (Est. 2011) and the NS Department of Communities, Culture & Heritage have committed (Since 2013) to support initiatives that increases physical activity & healthy eating levels – one of which is focused specifically on the ASTP (After-school Time Period), 3 – 6 pm.

The intent of this program is to provide greater access to after-school activities that promote physical activity & healthy eating in rural, isolate, remote communities or wherever bussing and transportation present problems.

The program is designed to deliver ASTP activities in community based settings, at community facilities and outdoor spaces so that transportation barriers are reduced for families and youth.

The program is targeted to junior high aged youth (youth in grades 7, 8 & 9) during the years of greatest physical activity decline. Using a Victoria County delivery approach, partners and community stakeholders work together to provide advice, assistance and leadership to the initiative.

Criteria & Guidelines 

  • To increase access and opportunities for junior high aged youth (youth in grades 7, 8 & 9), with a priority on girls, to be physically active & eat healthy in the after school time period (ASTP) in rural or remote communities or wherever transportation present problems


  • To increase exposure &/or skill development to participants in a variety of sports, recreation & leisure activities, programs &/or events


  • To improve the capacity of community organizations to plan and deliver after-school time period programs and activities that promotes physical activity & healthy eating


  • To increase the number of skilled and knowledgeable after school time period volunteers and leaders


  • To decrease barriers to participation in after school time period activities and programs


  • To increase utilization of community based recreation and sport facilities, including outdoor space, the built environment, playgrounds, etc.


  • To strengthen collaborative community based partnerships through a regional strategic approach


After the Bell – After-school Time Period Programming in Victoria County

2015-2016 Final Report: