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IFN Ingonish

HELD – Pathways to Healthy, Local and Sustainable Food in Our Institutions-An interactive workshop


January 11, 2017

Mount Saint Vincent University

Visit IP Workshop to register by December 16,2016. Note, *limited travel subsidize available*

Georgia McNeil, Community Food Coordinator- Cape Breton

tel (mobile). 902.210.4966

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Spring 2016 Garden Leaders Gathering Held Apr. 28, 2016

(Hosted by Naturally Active for Life Victoria County in Baddeck)

Focused on demonstrating practical garden knowledge and building confidence in effective ways to share these skills. Garden Planning: when to plant what and how!; Tips on managing community gardens..And make connections community gardens leaders from across the island.

Hello Garden Leaders! Attached Garden Leaders Gathering Recap.spring2016 is a very general overview of what we got up to. You will find a contact list to work from for staying connected. There are other suggestions for follow-up in the “Wrap-up” section.

I will send along the files for the beautiful garden signs soon. The files are massive so I will have to use online file sharing software.  Let me know if there is any other support you are in need of. I will be in touch with details about our fall Garden Leader’s Gathering! Happy Gardening! – JODY NELSON, Community Food Coordinator- Cape Breton

tel(mobile). 902.489.5634

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Exciting Workshop Held March 2015 in Cape Breton, Policy 101: Community Action Workshop

An opportunity for advocates, practitioners and volunteers at the community level to access information and tools to better understand and influence policy. This one-day workshop aimed to demystify policy, share stories from the field, integrate local level research and offer practical tools for mapping policies, planning campaigns and local action.

Date:   Thursday, March 5

Time:    9 am – 3:30 pm

Location:  Gaelic College of Arts and Crafts, 51799 Cabot Trail, Saint Ann’s, NS

Cost:  free

Presented by: The Ecology Action Centre and the Pan Cape Breton Local Food Hub

For more information, please contact me, Georgia McNeil, 902-210-4966,,

Georgia McNeil Community Food Coordinator- (Our Food ProjectCape Breton) Ecology Action Centre: Phone (mobile): (902) 210-4966


Garden Coordinators Gathering HELD

Dear Garden Coordinators,

I think I speak for many of us when I say that one of the largest benefits coming out of last month’s Garden Coordinators Gathering was the encouragement generated by meeting others, doing similar work, in communities around Cape Breton. Thank you all for making the effort to attend J

A Gathering Recap:  15 people attended, representing 14 gardens, from Cheticamp to Eskazoni . Gardens varied in size and organization; some are gardened collectively others divided up into individual allotments. Some are school gardens, others are attached to community organizations.

There was a consensus in the room that folks wanted to stay better connected. Below is a table with contact info for specific gardens. I’ve added a few gardens that were not represented at the Gathering. If you notice a garden that should be there, send me an email and I’ll add them to the list.


People also expressed interested in having another garden coordinators meeting in the spring. Maybe something that involved more planning around the upcoming growing season. If you have more thoughts on this, please let me know.

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season! Warmly,

Georgia McNeil <>


Garden Name Type Garden Location Garden Contact Email
1 CBU garden Collective Sydney Len Vassallo -Terry Gibbs
2 DeGannes garden (family resource center) Sydney Len Vassallo
3 Bridgeport community garden Glace Bay Len Vassallo
4 Breton Abilities Centre Community Organization Sydney River Pauline Signer
5 CNRVSB gardens School east bay Louisburg Pauline Signer
6 L’arche cape breton sunflower garden program Community Organization Whycocomagh NS Thom Oommen
7 baddeck community gardens Allotment baddeck Don Nicholson, Vince Forrestall
8 Cheticamp Jardin Communautaire Allotment cheticamp joeleen Larade, Paul Gallant
9 Inverness cottage workshop garden Community Organization inverness Anne little, Cindy O’Neill
10 middle river consolidated school School middle river Donna Anton
11 Eskazoni Collective eskazoni Anita Mackinnon
12 Wagmatcook Collective Wagmatcook Amanda Googoo
13 Whycocomagh school garden School Whycocomagh NS Ann whalley
14 Pauls Garden Community Organization Margaree Forks Kim Tisely
15 Cape North community garden and Orchard Cape North Claudia Gallagher ??
16 Pleasant Bay School Pleasant Bay School Denise Aucoin ??

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