Fresh Fruit Friday’s – Wagmatcookewey School

Wagmatcook Fresh Fruit Fridays 2015AAWagmatcookFreshFruitFridaysA

“Just a look at this weeks selection (Above) of Fresh Fruit” (Feb 13, 2015) – Gloria MacAskill-Hart, Administrative Assistant, Wagmatcookewey School

Wagmatcookewey School

Prepare and give each class a tray of fresh fruit on Friday afternoons.

Naturally Active Victoria County Proud To Support: Fresh Fruit Fridays at Wagmatcookewey

Friday May 15 was our final day of fresh fruit Friday’s. We had Mary, our community dietician, and Gary, produce manager from the Atlantic Super Store, graciously donate their time and meet with the students to reinforce the health benefits of eating fresh fruit and veggies. We would like to thank Mary and all the volunteers who have made our fresh fruit Friday’s possible. Thank you to the Victoria County Health Board and Naturally Active Victoria County for donating funds to make our program possible. We hope to have the program up and running again next year!! Gloria MacAskill-Hart Administrative Assistant, Wagmatcookewey School

“Looks great. Good exposure and intake of eating healthy. Naturally Active proud to Partner benefiting residents. Great leadership – as not eating the daily recommended of fruit and vegetables is our no. 3 health risk in Victoria County” – Vince Forrestall, Physical Activity Strategy Coordinator

Proudly supported by Naturally Active Victoria County and the Victoria County Community Health Board. Naturally Active is glad to be able to support a great initiative in Partnership. Healthy Eating – not eating the right amount of fruit and vegetables is the #3 health risk facing Victoria County residents. So a great initiative meeting the needs – hats off to all involved.

For further information:

Gloria MacAskill-Hart

Administrative Assistant

Wagmatcookewey School

126 Humes Rear Road

Wagmatcook,N.S. B0E 3N0

Tel: (902) 295-3491

Fax: (902) 295-1091


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