North Highlands Orchard Project


North Highlands Orchard Project is looking to purchase a state-of-the-art cider press, to make fresh apple cider (non-alcoholic) from local apples. The cider would meet the food safety regulations of the NS Dept. of Agriculture. We would like to offer two things: fresh-pressed cider, for sale by the glass at the Cape North Farmers Market, and a chance for local residents to make their own cider, using their own apples and bottles. If we can get funding we would be able to travel with the press to communities in the area and do cider pressings. If you would like to see this project go forward, simply reply “yes” to the post on the NHOP page or send them a message.

Spring 2016

They planted alpine and cultivated strawberries, more black elderberries, a few peach trees, plus cover crop seeds like buckwheat and clover in the paths. They digged planting holes, pick rocks out of paths and make a rock pile fence, mow grass and brush hog the borders. They also pruned trees around the borders

If you’d like a tour of the garden, if you have questions – or answers! – about the project, or if you’re looking for some great outdoor exercise, join us. Just message us, or come visit us – we’ll be posting the times we’ll be at the gardens

Please remember we will take all the egg cartons, potting soil, peat moss, fertilizer, bagged leaves, manure, rotten firewood etc. that you may have on hand and don’t need. We’ll make an effort to pick these up from you – message us.

Evaluation of 2014 Project – Proudly supported by Naturally Active for Life Victoria County (Est. 2011) – Victoria County Physical Activity Strategy Since 2014!

Accomplished two goals:

(1.) Helped 27 local residents introduce fruit and nut shrubs and tree seedlings to their properties

(2.) Brought in Dennis Laffan for a workshop on apple tree rejuvenation.

We made many trips to participants from Smelt Brook to Meat Cove, and to a participant in Neils Harbour, to help with siting and planting stock. 8 We were also glad for experienced growers who came to pick up their plants at South Harbour Farm, and who were game to try unusual plants like nuts, hardy kiwi and figs. 12 Fred Lawrence and his family in Bay St. Lawrence are testing Don Nicholson’s idea that you can grow fruit in the midst of harsh elements by creating a sheltered micro-climate. They cleared a space inside a spruce forest not 200 feet from cliffs overlooking the ocean, to create a small orchard of peaches, pears, cherries, plums and highbush blueberries. They used spruce boughs to close the open (back) side of the orchard. The peach trees, which Fred planted as part of last year’s project, blossomed this year. 17 Rob MacDonald’s trees in Sugar Loaf produced half a dozen peaches. We’re looking forward to next year’s reports.

Here are some more pics, from the apple tree rejuvenation workshop with Dennis Laffan. It was cold, but fun & informative, also well attended with 14 participants.

-Also a map of places we distributed fruit and nut plants to in 2014.

 -Resolution, House of Assembly, Pam Eyking, re: NHOP

-Apple tree workshop poster

NorthofSmokeyOrchardProjectRestorationAppleTreeresolution pam eyking doc

NorthofSmokeyOrchardProjectRestorationAppleTreeApple Tree Workshop

NorthofSmokeyOrchardProjectRestorationAppleTreeNHOP 2014 Fruit Explorers map

Thank you for supporting our project.

Claudia Gahlinger & Rejean Chamberland

North Highlands Orchard Project


Dingwall, Cape Breton

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