Thank You so much for your support and help in spreading awareness about 211 service” – Suzy Teubner, Director of Communications & Outreach (211 Nova Scotia), Oct. 26, 2016


211 Nova Scotia Helping Service Providers

What if someone called you and asked about licensed daycares in the province? If you didn’t know who to call, who would you ask? Would you know where to direct someone who needed financial assistance to sign their child up for swimming classes? What would you tell a senior who has run out of medication and can’t afford to buy more? 211 can help.

Last year many of the calls to 211 came from service providers themselves, reducing time spent looking for resources for clients, increasing the accuracy and appropriateness of their own referrals and providing education about services they may not have known about. 211 is a single access point to a community’s full range of social, health, and government services and can help service providers connect their clients to the services they need quickly and efficiently. The service is available by phone 24/7 or online at www.ns.211.ca. Interpretation services are also available in over 100 other languages as well as TTY.

By dialing 211 or visiting the 211 website, users can easily and quickly connect to the community and social services they need, anywhere in the province, regardless of where they’re located – See more at: http://www.ns.211.ca/microsites/nova_scotia/about_us/mission#sthash.VYANvyfX.dpuf

A bit about NS 211:

 • 211 is a free, confidential information and referral service to more than 3,000 community and social services across Nova Scotia. It is available throughout the province – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – by dialing “2-1-1” to speak to a helpful staff member or by searching the easy-to-use online database at http://www.ns.211.ca
• 211 strives to be accessible to all members of the community by reducing or eliminating barriers posed by language, location, physical impairment, social circumstance, or other factors. The service works to achieve this goal by providing multi-lingual access to information and referral through both a hearing-impaired accessible phone number and a website
• The 211 call centre is staffed with Information and Referral Specialists who are fully trained to deal with the most complex and sensitive questions and how to get to the real issue affecting a caller
• The service helps Nova Scotians by reducing the frustration of trying to find the right community or social resource across multiple sources. In turn, it allows those same organizations and government agencies to rely on highly-trained 211 staff to handle inquiries they might once have had to spend valuable time assessing and redirecting. It will also allow them to quickly direct people to services that are outside of their organization’s scope or area of expertise, and possibly connect with other service providers whose goals and mandates complement their own
• The end result is a collaborative system that will continually evolve to meet the needs of Nova Scotians as they look for help in their communities.


Our mission isto effectively and compassionately connect people with appropriate information and services, enhance Canada’s social infrastructure and empower people to fully engage in their communities.”


  • Listen and support with care and empathy
  • Be accessible to everyone
  • Demonstrate standards of excellence
  • Connect people with their community


The values that 211 service will continually strive to include:

  • Inclusivity & diversity – services for all while respecting unique communities
  • Warmth and respect
  • Partnership at local, provincial & national levels
  • Engagement – enable people to be full participants in their lives and in their communities

– See more at: http://www.ns.211.ca/microsites/nova_scotia/about_us/mission#sthash.VYANvyfX.dpuf

New Insights and Data Community Needs & Assets in your Region – 211 Nova Scotia Regional Information Meeting HELD

Naturally Active for Life Victoria County (Est. 2011) proud to have participated….The Community Sector Council of Nova Scotia and 211 Nova Scotia are working together to provide you with new and valuable information on community needs and assets in your region based on 211 Nova Scotia data:

  • Gain valuable insights on what citizens in your region need, based on 211 contact data over the past three years.
  • Learn about available services and service gaps in your region based on the extensive 211 NS database.
  • Network with non-profit groups and other stakeholders in your region to discuss the value and impact of this regional data.

This new source of evidence-based data can support non-profit and community groups in planning local programs and services, as well as identify areas for collaboration.   There is no charge to attend, but pre-registration is required.

HELD in SYDNEY – October 14, 2016 at New Dawn Centre for Social Innovation (Lounge), 37 Nepean St., Sydney Register: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/211-ns-regional-meeting-sydney-tickets-27413413257 . For further information, contact Veronica McNeil, Director of Outreach and Learning Initiatives @ vmcneil@csc-ns.ca


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