David Suzuki Foundation

Let’s Get Kids Outside To Save the World!

If you haven’t already signed up, we invite you to join our Back to School Superhero Challenge, a fun, free program that encourages kids to get outside and learn about environmental responsibility.

  • You and your family and/or classroom will receive a superhero-themed activity each week for four weeks (starting today).
  • Each activity teaches kids about pressing environmental issues and connects them to the great outdoors.
  • Activities are adapted from the David Suzuki Foundation’s Connecting With Nature educational guides.
  • You’ll be entered to win an autographed children’s book by David Suzuki and a beautiful Herschel hemp backpack. Classrooms can win a collection of autographed David Suzuki children’s books.

Research shows that children who spend time outside are healthier, happier and smarter. We also know that people who feel connected to nature are more likely to care about protecting it.

So let’s get kids outside and save the world!


Harpreet Johal Fellow Back to School Superhero

Support the David Suzuki Foundation! Our dedicated team ensures that even the smallest contributions go a long way towards protecting nature in Canada.

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