Your monthly dose of motivation

Quicker than a melting ice cream cone, August has arrived. Just like that the last of the glorious summer months is at our doorstep…but there is still so much active fun to be had!

Did you know more than half of Canadians wished they could get outside more? This doesn’t come as a surprise, since simply being outside can boost your mood and relieve stress.

Why not max out this month and try some of the great outdoor physical activities that are best enjoyed this time of year. Think you can complete them all?


More that will move you

Study: Fitspirational images don’t actually lead people to move more

All those images of chiseled abs and biceps you see on social media? They might be having the opposite effect than they were intended for.


This is why driving is more dangerous than cycling

An unpopular opinion, we actually know that cycling is less dangerous than driving. So why can’t we make the active switch?


Your monthly dose of motivation

We can all relate. Sometimes it just feels like there isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done.

Everyone is busy—so busy that despite our best intentions, all our to-dos don’t always get checked off the list. And in the list of priorities, making time for physical activity can fall down to the bottom.

On occasion there is good reason for this, but more often than not, we let it slide for the wrong reasons. Being active should actually help you accomplish your goals. We know it to be an aid, not an obstruction. The good news is, we’ve got your back with some tips to help you find more time in your day to get things done.


More that will move you

If your child could build their perfect day, what would it look like?

Would they rather swim with sharks, race a cheetah or whack a piñata? Build Your Best Day is a fun, interactive and educational website to help children and youth aged 5-17 and their parents learn about the Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines.


ICYMI: Global Calgary anchors lose it over ‘swinging’ mistake

We had a big laugh in June when one of Global’s anchors mistook #101 Swinging (Swing Set) on the ParticipACTION 150 Play List for something else…


A movement to support active transportation is growing in Canada

Canada’s federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Catherine McKenna, has signalled her enthusiasm for developing a national active transportation strategy. At the Minister’s invitation, a joint proposal was made by Canada Bikes, Green Communities Canada (Canada Walks), and the National Active and Safe Routes to School Working Group to undertake strategy development. If you would like to support a Canada where walking and cycling becomes more practical, convenient, safe and enjoyable for all, please consider supporting the campaign.


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