Your monthly dose of motivation

When it comes to keeping the doctor away, 10,000 steps might be even better than an apple.

The benefits of 10,000 steps go on and on—better moods, stronger bones, lower blood pressure, and a reduced risk of almost every chronic disease there is, including diabetes, heart disease and certain types of cancer. It boosts your energy, strengthens your lungs, and clears your mind. In short, walking is wonderful.

But, it is important to note that there’s nothing special about hitting the 10,000 mark. It’s just a big, round number. What matters is actually finding a number that challenges you. When it comes to steps, more is more, but on an individual basis.

So what are our best tips to get you to reach your step goal?

Read the blog to find out.

10 WAYS TO 10,000 STEPS

More that will move you

Why physical activity needs to be part of the mental health conversation

Bell Let’s Talk Day just happened. But research continues to suggest that increasing physical activity and limiting sedentary time offers many benefits that improve brain health and development. Let’s keep the conversation going.


How to start again after falling off track

Many of us set resolutions in the new year. But did you know that most people fail to stick with a goal after one month (60%), and even less make it to the 3-month mark (80%)?

Try these tips to stay on track to meeting your goal.


Your Monthly Dose of Motivation

And we’re back! The kids are back in school, and it’s about time to hit reset and get back into a routine. Did you know almost half of the decisions we make are made simply out of habit?

To ease you through the transition to fall, we’ve got a set of solutions to help you get back into your active routine after a summer of fun.


More that will move you

Why is it so hard to get people to care about preventing disease?

People are naturally more motivated to change short term goals than long term goals. But when it comes to preventing disease, why can’t we look further ahead?


The everyday habit that turns fitness dreams into reality

A tried and true, research-supported method that helps 42% of people achieve their goals.


Event kits now available for your ParticipACTION 150 Play List Event!

For a limited time only we have a new supply of event celebration kits for organizations who register a ParticipACTION 150 Play List event or program. Available while supplies last. All registered events and programs will also be featured on the Tour Stops & Events Page.


Active for Life is bringing Parents in Sport Week to Canada

From October 2 to October 8, Parents in Sport Week celebrates the positive and essential role parents play in helping children reach their full potential through sport. Click here to learn more and support the campaign.

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