Unplug and Play


Are your kids getting more screen time than playtime? March 2015 Canadian families took the pledge to #UnplugAndPlay for at least 60 minutes a day.

The Average Canadian Kid Gets 8 Hours Screen Time/Day and they spend 90% of their time Indoors! Naturally Active Victoria County & Partners Unplugged & Played Back to Nature April 10 and 11th:

Naturally Active Victoria County was glad to host with our First Nation Community Wagmatcook a very successful 1st Unplug + Play Back to Nature Youth Rally.

Hats off to all partners, participants, adult champions, organizers, Presenters, Chief Norman, fellow MPAL’s (Jeannine Jeannine Faye Denny; Wallace Matthew, Terry Bernard ) and Wagmatcookewey School a great effort.

  •  Testimonials:      Extraordinary, Cool, Fun, awesome, educational;
  • Negative:            Lots of couldn’t use our phone!

Zumba a hit, Outdoor Survival, Hug a Tree (Cape Breton Search and Rescue); crafts; chinese food!; Making Luskinigan; Eel skin added to schools showcase; soccer baseball (Bring back play); Waltis-Cultural Journey; Smudging; new program logo name created; T’s, water bottles; survival packs; certificates; group shots; ‪#‎UnplugAndPlay ‪#‎NaturallyActiveVictoriaCounty ‪#‎VictoriaCounty ‪#‎Wagmatcook

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Unplug and Play!

ParticipACTION is challenging families to Unplug and Play from March 23 to 29.Families are invited to Unplug and Play Week   by getting outside for at least 60 minutes of active play each day. Leave the smart-phone inside. Turn off the TV, and video games and make room for play.

Unplug and Play is a special week during the Make Room for Play campaign. The Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness and ParticipACTION are partnering for the campaign.

Help more kids to Unplug and Play by promoting Unplug and Play Week.

In Nova Scotia organisations, institutions and municipalities are using free resources for promoting active play through their communication channels. Your organisation can help the message about more active play reach more parents, more often in Nova Scotia.ParticipACTION has communication tools that your organization can use to encourage families in your area to power off and play outside. Free access is here. (see bottom, select NS logo for NS files)

·      Poster (also use as a print ad)

·      Image for Facebook, Twitter, website

·      Infographic

·      Prewritten messages for social media

·      Calendar (week) of activities

·      Certificate of completion for kids

Spread the word about #UnplugAndPlay on social media.

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