Wildlife Safety




Parks Canada Coyote Strategy
Derek Quann, resource conservation manager with Parks Canada. (runs 4:25 July 19, 2013)

11,605 Coyote Pelts Came In Over 5 Years

(Data needs to be analyzed to see if it worked – 18 incidents to 3 incidents of coyote interractions over this time)

Nova Scotia’s coyote pelt incentive is no more. Reporter Phlis McGregor has been looking into what’s been learned from that 5 year program, and asks has it worked to stop aggressive coyote behaviour. (runs 10:00)


Hiking Safety & Wildlife: The Big Three
When you live in or visit Victoria County, please respect our Black Bear, Coyote & Moose. Educate Yourself To Share Our Great Outdoors with Our Wildlife. The Big Three that you should be educated on before your outdoor adventure in our county includes: Moose, Bears & Coyotes.

Hiking safely with our wildlife is a shared responsibility: Organizations & You as a Participant.



COYOTE HABITAT: living-with-coyotes

BE COYOTE SMARThttp://novascotia.ca/natr/wildlife/living-with-wildlife/be-coyote-smart.asp

1. Back away!
2. Act big!
3. Make noise
Keep Coyotes Away…Walk with Friends and carry a noisemaker!
Report unusual behaviour 1-800-565-2224.

Eastern Coyote Facts:
HABITAT: Almost anywhere in Nova Scotia; year-round.
APPEARANCE: Tawny, grey, or black fur, Thick fur makes them look larger. Average size is 15kg (3 times larger than a housecat).
HABITS: Nocturnal. Active and vocal at night. Normally shy of people.

For information on dealing with wildlife (Coyote’s) please refer to the following DNR website:


Natural Resources


-Hiking Safely
Hike with friends and a solid walking stick
Coyotes that have access to our food or garbage lose their fear of people

If a Coyote Approaches You:
-Don’t Run
-Back Away Slowly
-Act Big
Make noise, wave your arms and scare it away
-Fight Back!

If a coyote attacks, shout, throw stones, and use whatever is available to defend yourself.

If you are approached by a coyote in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park,
report it to Parks Canada @ 1-877-852-3100.



-Do Not Surprise a Bear:
Hike in a group…most bears will leave the area if they aware of your presence.

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