Municipal Physical Activity Strategy 2016-2017 Initiatives (April 1, 2016 to February 26, 2017) Supported in Partnership Benefiting All Victoria County Residents & Visitors in All Areas:

Thank You Volunteers, Leaders, Community Organizations, Service Providers, Facility Operators, Partners, Strategy Partnership, Strategy Implementation Team (VCAN-Victoria County Action Network), Council & Staff for Contributing to the Successes of the following Initiatives and to Your Victoria County Physical Activity Strategy (Est. 2011) – Naturally Active for Life Victoria County

2016-2017 Accomplishments



22% of ‪#‎VictoriaCounty‬ Residents Increased Their Levels of Physical Activity since the start of the ‪#‎MunicipalPhysicalActivityStrategy‬ June 13, 2011 (‪#‎Source‬: #VictoriaCounty ‪#‎PhysicalActivity‬ ‪#‎CommunitySurvey‬ Nov. 2015)

Physical Activity Strategy (Est. 2011) Updated By Strategy Partnership & Implementation Team (VCAN) & Approved by Municipal Council : Year 6 – 1 Year Renewal, 2016-17:



Naturally Active for Life Victoria County New Strategy BRANDING

  • Moving Forward Aligned with the “Active for Life” National, Provincial & Regional Movement:



  • —Michael Haynes Presentations (3)–Best of TransCanadaTrail
  • —Vibe Creative Group Updated NA4LVC Branding Logo
  • —Patsy MacKenzie Elementary & Family Yoga Booklets
  • —FestiVille Baddeck 2016
  • —Christmas in Baddeck 2016
  • —Hello Winter Baddeck Event 2017 & Heritage Day 2017
  • —Cape Breton Fiddlers Run Health Expo
  • —Vibe Creative Group Cycling and Hiking Map Updates
  • —Annual Clean NS “Card of Thanks” Volunteers Baddeck Event
  • —2nd Annual Sobeys Winter Wellness Fair 2017
  • —Cape Breton Nordic Ski Club
  • —Cape Breton Connect Active for Life
  • —211 Presentations in Victoria County (2)
  • —Dr Chris Milburn Active for Life Presentations (2)
  • —Kidston Island Curling Classic Pair of Curling Stones Sponsorship


Connect with hundreds of physical activity, recreation & sport opportunities in your community

as part of the bigger

Connect with hundreds of physical activity, recreation & sport opportunities in your community

  • Display booth at the 2016 Cape Breton Fiddlers Run Health Expo Sept. 10, 2016)

Victoria County Active Outdoor Gear Loan Program



  • —Snowshoes & Poles
  • —Ice Stabilizers
  • —Nordic Walking Poles
  • —Ski Poles, Boots & Skis
  • —Reflective Vests


Cape Breton Regional Library, NS Dept Communities, Culture & Heritage, Victoria County, NA4LVC, Baddeck Library, North Victoria Library Branch



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Facility Access Assistance Fund 2016-2017

  • —Community Wellness Room Baddeck Academy
  • —3rd Annual Merry 7Mas Skates 2016 – 17
  • —Ski Cape Smokey Open House 2017
  • —Ski Cape Smokey Community Wellness Room
  • —South Haven Community Club Square Dancing
  • —St. Ann’s Bay Development Assoc Minute for Fitness
  • —Baddeck Adult Basketball
  • —North Highland Nordic Open House
  • —Middle River Recreation Association Ballet Program
  • —Dingwall Recreation Society Seniors Fitness at Capstick Manor
  • —Community Skating Event Victoria Highland Civic Centre
  • —Grandona Royal Cdn Legion Square Dance Lessons
  • —Cape North Farmers Market – Bay St Lawrence Community Garden
  • —Heritage Day Free Skate (“Hello Winter” Baddeck Event)
  • —St. Michael’s Hall – Comfort Station Heritage Day, Baddeck
  • —BADDECK AND AREA MINOR HOCKEY SOCIETY  Novice 1 Development Team – One Day Tournament (4 other teams) March 5, 2017
  • —Big Bras d’Or Fire Dept  Bouladerie Island Dalem Lake Snow Fun
  • —McCarthy Signs Co. Ltd    Cross-country Ski Signage for Groomed Multi-use Trails (Baddeck & Area)
  • —Baddeck Library Winter Family Yoga
  • —St. Michael’s Parish Hall L. MacInnis Yoga
  • —CBVRSB Adult Badminton
  • —Northern Victoria Community Centre Assoc Walking Track
  • —Highland Manor Municipal Housing Corp Community Gym
  • —Central Cape Breton Community Ventures Inc Wellness Walkers
  • —North Highlands Nordic Jack Rabbit & Learn to Cross Country Ski
  • —CCBCVI –  Back to Basics Fitness and Adult Chair Fitness
  • —Crowdis Mountain Snowmobile Club Groom X-country ski trails
  • —North Highlands Nordic Bunny Rabbit Program
  • —St Michael’s Parish Hall Kundalini Yoga
  • —Smokey Recreational Society Pain Free Postural Align Workshop
  • —Baddeck Womens Rec Hockey Ice time Rental Baddeck Rink
  • —St. Ann’s Bay Community Health Group Society – Pain Free – Postural Alignment Workshop


  • —Washabuck Community Centre    2017 Snowshoe Event
  • —Bras d’Or Yacht Club     Sunrise Yoga & Breakfast
  • —HARBOUR AUTHORITY OF BIG BRAS D’OR SOCIETY    Yoga, Drum and Dance Event 2017
  • —ENGLISHTOWN COMMUNITY HALL ASSOCIATION    St. Paddy’s Day Shindig Mini-carnival
  • —Cape Breton Regional Library    Eat Drink Be Healthy
  • —North Highlands Nordic                             Guided Snowshoe Hike
  • —JJ McDermott Long John Jaunt 2017  Cape Breton Fiddlers Run

Naturally Active for Life Victoria County‬ Received ‪#‎ACOA‬ Funding for Three 2016-2017 Special Events:

Destination Cape Breton (June 30, 2016) https://naturallyactivevictoriacounty.com/events/

-5th Annual Victoria County Trails Day Since 2012 (June 4 & 5, 2016)

  • Walk on the Wildside Youth Event (Old Horse Track, Baddeck)
  • North River Falls Hike
  • Ocean’s Day Walk (Iona)
  • Spinnigan’s Hike
  • Gold Brook Mine Hike

5th Annual Victoria County Fall Harvest ActiveFest (Oct. 15-31, 2016):

  • Ingonish Development Society
Huckle Buckle

-4th Annual Bike Victoria Week June 3-12, 2016 (Since 2013)

-5th Annual Victoria County Canada Day Physical Activity Challenge 2016 (Since 2012):

  • Baddeck Runners Club
  • Englishtown Community Hall Association

FestiVille Baddeck (2016)

“Hello Winter” Baddeck Event 2017


  • Steps in Flight Walking Program – Bell Museum National Historic Site
  • Mini-Steps Discovery Centre  Program – Bell Museum National Historic Site
  • Healthy Eating in Physical Activity, Recreation & Sports Settings Draft Policy Approved by Municipal Council (Jul. 25, 2016 – Victoria County HERSS
Partners: NS Health Authority, Public Health, Naturally Active for Life Victoria County, Victoria County; Victoria County Organizations & Facility Operators


After School Time Period (ASTP) 

  • Baddeck Academy
  • Cabot School
GO (“Girls Only” Program)

Healthy Snacks for Learn to Run Program Cabot May 1 – June 30, 2016
  • Wagmatcookewey School
E’pite’ji’jk Pasik (GO-Girls Only)
  • —3rd Annual Santa’s Workshop     Bay St Lawrence
  • —Baddeck Academy & Wagmatcookewey  School Skates
  • —Boularderie School    After-school Yoga
  • —Baddeck Academy     After-school Yoga
  • —Cape Smokey     Learn to Skate Smokey Recreation Society    Learn to Skate, Hockey
  • —Smokey Recreation Society    Active Pass/Little Penguins
  • —Canadian Ski Patrol – Cabot Zone  Ski Cape Smokey
  • —Bay St Lawrence Community Centre  Hockey, B’ball, crafts, baking, Youth Paint
  • —Victoria Highland Civic Centre  After-school skates
  • —Victoria Highland Civic Centre  After-school              Special events skates
  • —Patricia Fricker, KettleBell     10 wk lymphatic drain   through exercise
  • —North Highlands Nordic             Cool Saturdays


  • —Summer Intensive 200 hr Yoga in schools/Studio Teacher Training, Halifax
  • —YMCA Older Adults Fitness Certification
  • —Step Dancing Teaching Royal Cdn Legion Grandona Branch 124
  • —Potential Yoga Studio Certified Laughter Yoga TT Leader Training
  • —Can-fit pro; cpr; personal trainor; active ageing; healthy weightloss coach
  • —Teacher Training – Laughter Yoga and Benefits-3 in 1 consult Dawn Lea Greer
  • —Mobility Training
  • —Active Ageing Certificate
  • —Yoga Instruction Certification (Mini-rugby and Teenagers)
  • Butternut Consulting
Navigation Course Spring 2016
  • BaM Cape Breton
Eskasoni High School Spring 2016 Spring 2016 School Teams Leadership Conference
YMCA Older Adults Fitness Certification Spring 2016 Baddeck Academy Little gym rental/access
  • Integrative Nutrition Head Coach
Health, Wellness & Active Living Coach
  • Wagmatcook Health Centre
June 16-19, 2016 2nd Petapan 1st Light Symposium
  • Prenatal Yoga Certification
  • Wagmatcook Health Centre
June 10-12, 2016 NCCP Certification Course
  • Victoria County Athletic Club
Soccer NS Referee

Entry level course

  • L.MacInnis Yoga
Nov 4-7, 2016 Kino MacGregor Workshop Ashtanga Yoga Certification
  • High Five Membership
Recreation NS 2016 to 2017 High Five Nova Scotia Municipal Membership 2016


Municipal Employees:

  • —Active Living Subsidization Program (Year 2)
  • —Skate – Victoria Highland Civic Centre

Victoria County

  • —Victoria County Workplace Wellness Network
  • Wellness Zone Publication
Skilven Publications (Municipal)


  • —Bay St Lawrence Community Centre  North Highlands Orchard Project
  • —Health & Wellness Day – Health Eating Cabot School
  • —Bras d’Or Yacht Club  Healthy Lunches for BYC Jr Sailing Regatta Week 2016 (Since 2012)
  • —Square Dance Program Iona Grandona Royal Cdn Legion
  • Bay St Lawrence Community Centre
North Highlands Orchard Project
  • 1st Health & Wellness Day – Health Eating
Cabot School
  • Bras d’Or Yacht Club
Healthy Lunches for BYC Jr Sailing Regatta Week 2016 (Since 2012)
  • Cape North Farmers Market Coop
Encouraging food production in Victoria County
  • St. Ann’s Bay Community Health Group Society
Seniors Luncheon April 6th 2016
  • ACAP Cape Breton
Food Upskilling Festival Spring 2016
  • Baddeck Academy
4th Annual Health & Wellness Day

Healthy Eating in Physical Activity Recreation Sports Settings


-NS Health Authority

-Public Health,

-Naturally Active for Life Victoria County (Est. 2011)

-Victoria County

-Victoria County Organizations, Facility Operators

—Approved Draft Policy by Municipal Council

—Tool Kits Developed

—Funding Assistance: $34,277.60 in Applications for $10,000 Funding (Announcement tba on successful applicants)


  • —Weekly Yoga            CBRL – Baddeck Library
  • —Chair Yoga       Middle River Highlands Seniors Club
  • —Yoga              MacAskill’s Association
  • —Square Dance Program           Iona Grandona Royal Cdn Legion—
  • Wagmatcook Learn to Swim Program
Wagmatcook Health Centre
  • Wagmatcook Learn to Surf Program
Wagmatcook Health Centre
  • International Trails Day Hike
  • 1st Health & Wellness Day – Physical Activity
Cabot Education Centre
  • Wagmatcook Little League Baseball
Wagmatcook Health Centre
  • Outdoor Target Archery
Bras d’Or Archers Association
  • AED & Protective Case
Baddeck Academy
  • Family Yoga
Cape Breton Regional Library
  • NSSAF Celebration of School Sport
Baddeck Academy
  • Baddeck Duathlon
Baddeck Duathlon Association
  • Family Yoga with Jackie MacLellan
Middle River Recreation Assoc
  • Midget (Under 16 years) Cape Breton West Basketball
Basketball Cape Breton Assoc
  • Beginner Yoga Program
  • Yoga Program
North Highlands Community Organization
  • Yoga for Students
Cabot School
  • 4th Annual Health & Wellness Day (Since 2013) – Baddeck Academy
  • Wagmatcook Little League Baseball
Wagmatcook Health Centre
  • Outdoor Target Archery
Bras d’Or Archers Association
  • AED & Protective Case
Baddeck Academy
  • Family Yoga
Cape Breton Regional Library
  • Wagmatcook Midget & Bantam Basketball
Wagmatcook Health Centre
  • Yoga with Faye Chipchase
Dingwall Recreation Society


  • Vibe Creative Group
NA4LVC Branding Logo
  • Patsy MacKenzie
Elementary & Family Summer Yoga Booklets
  • FestiVille Baddeck
3 diplays and sponsor
Guest Speaker  3 Presentations:

-St Ann’s Seniors Luncheon

-North Victoria Library

-Baddeck Library

Apr 6 & 7, 2016
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