2012-13 (Year 2 End Report/Highlights)

Strategy Initiatives 2012-13 Highlighted:

Proud Accomplishments




Accomplishments 2012-13

Naturally Active Victoria County Physical Activity Strategy continues to work behind the scenes to find the resources and has been able to provide assistance/support in partnership to the following benefiting our residents & visitors leading to an active and healthy lifestyle:

  • Learning Adventure (Bookmobile) – all areas of VC. Summer 2012
  • Active & Fun Play Days – all areas of VC. Summer 2012
  • Community Wellness Room – Baddeck Academy: Physical Activity Grant
  • Run to Ski Event – Cape North: Physical Activity Grant
  • Operation Headstrong – Cape Breton Screaming Eagles in Ingonish
  • Bay St Lawrence Children’s Christmas Event – Healthy Eating Grant
  • Men’s Adult Basketball Program – Baddeck: Physical Activity Grant
  • Fit Lunch – Workplace Wellness Network, Baddeck & area: Physical Activity Grant
  • Living Well with Diabetes Program – Neil’s Harbour: Healthy Eating Grant
  • Junior Basketball Healthy Eating-Cabot: Healthy Eating Grant
  • Seniors Lunch Program – St. Ann’s: Healthy Eating Grant
  • 12 Lessons in Wellness & Weight Loss Program – Neil’s Harbour: Healthy Eating Grant
  • Junior Sailing Program – Bras d’Or Yacht Club: Healthy Eating Grant
  • BAM-Body & Mind Program Conferences, Cheticamp-Cabot and Eskasoni: Healthy Eating Grant (Schools: Cabot, Baddeck Academy & Wagmatcookewey)
  • Learn to Cross-country Ski Program–Cape Smokey Elementary: Physical Activity Grant
  • Bunny Rabbit Pre-schoolers Program-North Highlands Nordic: Physical Activity Grant
  • Washabuck Fitness Circuit – Physical Activity Grant
  • Women’s Wellness Day – Iona: Physical Activity Grant
  • Workplace Wellness Challenge – Cape Smokey School: Workplace Wellness Grant
  • Workplace Wellness Challenge–Highlands Elementary School: Workplace Wellness Grant
  • Workplace Wellness Pedometer Challenge – Victoria County Home Support, North of Smokey
  • Relay for Health-Baddeck & Area: Physical Activity Grant
  • Healthy Hearts (Boys) & Girl Power Programs – Wagmatcook
  • 35 Pedometers to TOPS – Ingonish
  • 15 Pedometers to Grade 6 Exercise Program: Sun Gym, Bay St Lawrence
  • Our Journey to Better Health Program – Healthy Eating Grant, Baddeck/Englishtown
  • Winter ActiveFest – Community Event Grants (Cape North, Ingonish, Iona, Wreck Cove)
  • 44 helmets: Cape Smokey School-protect your noggin/operation headstrong
  • 12 pedometers and Smelt Brook Exercise/Healthy Eating Program
  • 10 pedometers – VC Home Support Workers Program-North of Smokey
  • Clean NS-Vic. Co.: Baddeck and Iona
  • Pedometers (24) – Heritage way walking Path-Alderwood (Health Expo, walk, curling)
  • Forks Over Knives – 25 participated.
  • Yoga for Kids Book – Patsy MacKenzie, Bras d’Or
  • Grade 6 Exercise Program – Sun Gym, Bay St Lawrence
  • Concrete Roots – Hip Hop Dance at Cape Smokey and North Highlands Elementary Schools

Naturally Active Victoria County (Physical Activity Strategy) continues to partner and work with Victoria County Leaders, organizations, service providers and facility operators, along with our Cape Breton Island and Provincial Counterparts on the following successful initiatives benefiting residents:

  • ACBC-Active Cape Breton Communities
  • HEAL Cape Breton – Physical Activity Committee
  • PAPE – Physical Activity Practitioners Exchange
  • Victoria County  Fall Harvest ActiveFest, Winter ActiveFest and Canada Day Physical Activity Challenge, Bike Week, International Trails Day
  • 2 Active Transportation Workshops held – Baddeck & Neil’s Harbour
  • Letter of Support for the Mabel Bell Park/Playground
  • Adult Volleyball – Baddeck
  • GO After-school Time Period Program
  • Cycling & Biking Summits attendance-Assisted in bring both the Cape Breton this yr.
  • Age-Friendly Committee Member
  • BABTA Special Events Committee/BABTA Participation at meetings
  • Wellness Walkers – Iona
  • Little Narrows Walkers – Little Narrows
  • Growing Healthy Foods – Brookside Gardens
  • Canada Health Day & Alderwood Health Expo Displays
  • Communities Supporting Communities Committee-North of Smokey
  • Parks Canada Coyote Strategy
  • Baddeck Farmers Market
  • Recreation Nova Scotia Recreauction Committee 2012/Tradeshow Co-chair 2013
  • Early Years Child Development Strategy
  • Special Event Coordinator under the Canada Summer Jobs Grant
  • Assisted groups in forwarding Green Gym installing and set-up information upon request
  • Educating the public on Wildlife awareness/safety
  • Assisted organizations with insurance issues/solutions
  • Assisted groups with community use of local schools
  • Satellite Office Established at Buchanan Memorial Hospital (Offer of office at North Victoria Library/downstairs location)
  • Child & Youth Strategy Participation
  • Victoria County Connector Newsletter Started
  • Play It Forward – Wagmatcook by Burlington Soccer Club
  • Initial Meeting of Relay for Health – North of Smokey (Winter Event)
  • Snow Day – January 2013
  • Participated in NS Sustainable Transportation Strategic Sessions
  • Finalized Development of Strategy, presented to Council & the Province

 Respectfully Submitted,

Vince Forrestall – Physical Activity Coordinator


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