2014-15 (Year 4 End Report/Highlights)


Thank You Volunteers, Leaders, Organizations, Facility Operators, Service Providers, Residents, Visitors, Strategy Partnership & Implementation Team (VCAN), Municipal Council & Staff for Partnering with us in Tremendous Support of the Victoria County Physical Activity Strategy (Est. 2011) – 2014-15 Initiatives:

-Cape Breton Connect: Marketing Coordinator
-Cape Breton Connect: Data Entry Clerk
-Strategy: Leadership Development Outreach Coordinator
-Northern Victoria Community Centre: Facility Coordinator

-Clean NS Foundation (NS Youth Corps Conservation)
Nature Ambassadors – 2 summer positions

-Tumblebugs (4 Instructors: North of Smokey)
-Fitness Theory (North of Smokey)
-Yoga For Round Bodies (Boularderie Island)

CELEBRATION OF STRATEGY (Oct 20 + 21, 2014):
-Keynote Presenter Heather Moyse (2 time gold medalist)
Heather Moyse Amateur Athlete Trust

-4th Annual Winter ActiveFest Make Room For Play 2015
-3rd Annual Canada Day Physical Activity Challenge 2014
-3rd Annual Fall Harvest ActiveFest 2014
-1st Annual Unplug & Play Back to Nature Youth Rally 2015
-Girls Only Back to Nature Retreat at Cabot Shores (2014)
-3rd Annual International Trails Day 2014
-3rd Annual Bike Victoria Week 2014
-Provincial Age-friendly Conference 2014 (Planning & Rec Program)
-2nd Annual Clean NS 2014 (Washabuck, Iona, Baddeck)

-Ingonish Development Society: Yoga Classes
& Running Club

-Friends of the Big Bras d’Or Fire Hall: Pre-school Program

-Cape Smokey Elementary Home & School Assoc
School Fun Day & Girls Basketball

-Washabuck Community Centre: ALS Walk Run Washabuck

-Boularderie School : Student Yoga

-Eat Drink and Be Healthy Sessions (Chef & Dietician)

-Cyndi Ingraham Fitness

-Don WM Nicholson Consulting
4 season food your own growing healthy workshop
& Soil prep, crop selection and growing workshop

-Bay St Lawrence Community Centre: Learn to Run

-NSSAF Baddeck Academy
Table Partner – Baddeck Academy Celebration of Sport

-Baddeck Academy Health & Wellness
Health & Wellness Day

-North River Kayaks
Intro Kayaking Courses
& Summer EDO-Camps for students

-St Ann’s Arbouretum
Arbouretum Spring Festival 2014

-St. Ann’s Bay Community Health Group Society
North River Playground

-North Highlands Elementary School
Physical Activity Play Day 2014

-Ecology Action Centre: Wagmatcook Band Office

-Wagmatcook Community Garden Project
Ecology Action Centre

-Community Wellness Room: Baddeck Academy

-Pedometers for Cyndi Ingraham’s Fitness
& Pedometers for Learn to Run Bay St Lawrence

-Cabot Shores: Yoga Retreats – Eastlink

-Municipality of Victoria County
Community Garden – Staff Plot

-North River Kayak Tours
Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Demo, Workshop, Try It
& Learn To Kayak – Municipal Workplace Wellness

-Big Bras d’Or Ferry Wharf Restoration Society
Green Space Yoga Camps

-Ross Ferry Stewardship Society: Learn to Run

-Helping Hands South of Smokey Food Bank
Municipal Workplace Wellness Comm Garden Lot


-Ross Ferry Stewardship Society
Learn to Run Ross Ferry / Boularderie

-Baddeck Runners Club / Englishtown Community Hall
3rd Victoria County Canada Day Physical Activity Challenge

-Bras d’Or Yacht Club: Junior Sailing Healthy Snacks

-Cape Smokey Elementary School
Dance & Gymnastics

-South Haven Community Society: Fall Yoga

-Ingonish Development Society: Fall Yoga

-Ingonish Triathlon Society
Family Run Walk & Fall Yoga

-Middle River Recreation Association
Ballet School Program

-Big Bras d’Or Ferry Wharf Society
Line Dancing Class (Projector)

-NS Moves Project: Bike & Trail Maps &
11 Bike Racks + Bike Haven

-Cyndi Ingraham’s Fitness
Me Time “Noon Hour Blast” Lunch Workplace Wellness

-Mi’kmaw First Nations Taekwondo Association
Taekwondo Try It Sessions 3 (Baddeck & Area)

Chair Yoga

-Patsy MacKenzie
Elementary Yoga Book Resource, 5 distributions

-Ingonish Development Society
Youth Connected Volunteer Committee

-After School – Healthy Living Program
Cabot School Junior A Basketball Team

-Bay St Lawrence Community Centre
Santas Workshop – Christmas Apples & Oranges, Tim Horton’s

-Ingonish Development Society
3rd Annual Fall Harvest Active Fest

-Englishtown Community Hall Association
Our Journey to Better Health

-Wagmatcookewey School
Fresh Fruit Fridays

-North Highlands Nordic
Ski Girls Rock On Snow (Girls Only) Program

-South Haven Community Society: Square Dancing

-Dingwall Recreation Society: Seniors Fitness Program

-Capstick Manor
Cape Breton Family Resource Centre Society

-Cabot, Wagmatcookewey & Baddeck Schools
Girls After School Program & Input/Info/ Sessions

-Wagmatcookewey & Wagmatcookewey Yoga
& Swimming – Lifeguard Girls Only Program

-Big Bras d’Or After-school Yoga @ Big Bras d’Or Fire Hall

-Ingonish Development Society: Huckle Buckle Festival Ingonish

-Baddeck Taekwondo
Taekwondo Try Its 3 and Program

-Bras d’Or Archers Association: Archery

-Baddeck Men’s Basketball

-Zumba Cape Breton: Baddeck Zumba

Me Time Noon Hour Blast Fitness

-Central Cape Breton Community Ventures
Wellness Walkers Gym/Fitness Room, Rankin School

-Victoria Highland Civic Centre
Merry 6Mas Free Family Skates

-Baddeck Academy
Community Wellness Room & Extra Equipment

-Ingonish Development Society: Youth Connected

-Smokey Recreation Society: Back2Basic Skating

-Smokey Recreation Society
ACTIVE PASS – Little Penguins Skating

-Boularderie School – Boularderie Blazers Indoor Walking

-North Highlands Nordic Ski Facility: Open House

-Ski Cape Smokey: Community Wellness room

-Ski Cape Smokey: Open House

-North Highlands Nordic: X-country skiing

-Smelt Brook Community Hall: Exercise Program

-Cyndi Ingraham: Noon Hour Blast

-Cyndi Ingraham’s Fitness: Gliders for Fitness Program

-On-line Data base Resource: Cape Breton Connect.ca
“Active For Life”
-5,2,1,0 Branding
-BaM (Body & Mind for Teens) Cape Breton
-St Ann’s Trails Improvements Project 2014
-Active Transportation (AT) Plan 2014
-Humes River Falls (Biosphere NE Trails Assoc)
-Healthy Living Section, Baddeck Library (Thank You Kate Oland)
-Promoted Sundays on Snow/Wednesdays on Snow adventures Programs (Eileen Woodford and Karen Welton-Hats Off to them!)
-Display at Baddeck Health Day & Wagmatcook Health Event
-Strategy Website: www.naturallyactivevictoriacounty.com
-Social Media: FaceBook, Twitter, etc.

Victoria County Municipal:
-Walking Wednesdays; Walkabout at Work
-Unplug and Play
-Sneak It In Week
-NS Walk Day
-Lunch and Activity
-Monthly Challenges
-My Good Health Risk Assessments
-Noon Time Blast Fitness
-Wellness Zone Publication
-HEAL Cape Breton
-North Highlands Elementary Pedometer Challenge
-Victoria County Home Support North of Smokey
-Cape Smokey Elementary

-Wagmatcook Native Walkers
-Boularderie Blazers
-Winter Walk Day
-NS Walk Day
-Walking Wednesdays
-Wellness Walkers (Rankin School)

-Recreation NS Conference
-Provincial Physical Activity Leaders Exchanges
-Hike NS Summit & Board Member
-AGM: Biosphere Northeast Trails Association
-AGM St Ann’s Bay development Association
-Ski Cape Smokey (Partners/Resources Meeting)
-AGM Baddeck & Area ATV Club
-Blue Route Consultations
-Baddeck Farmers Market Board Member
-Annual Comm Health Boards Population Health Day (Presentation on Accessing Facilities)

in Partnership with NS Thrive, Victoria County and NS Health & Wellness Active Living Branch have supported our Leaders, Organizations, Service Providers and Facility Operators to offer Affordable & Accessible Initiatives at Community Facilities, Schools, Halls, etc. throughout Victoria County through the NS “THRIVE” COMMUNITY SPORT & RECREATION FACILITY ACCESS PROGRAM (YEAR 2):

2014-15 Report – attached (Successful 2nd Annual Grant Initiative) – Thank You Participants & Our Leaders, Organizations, Service Providers & Facility Operators.


$12,540 Invested with 3682 total participants (Roughly only $3.40 cents each). That is affordable and accessible and is what our strategy is trying to do. 539 total hours of F R E E time offered.

Victoria County Priority Areas of this Grant (2014-15):

  • Priority #1 (2014-15): Accessing Facilities: “Learn to”/” Try It” – Open Houses & Instruction
  • Priority #2 (2014-15): Accessing Facilities – Active Pass
  • Priority #3 (2014/15): Accessing Community Schools: Increased Community Use & Awareness
  • Priority #4 (2014/15): Accessing Victoria County Fitness Facilities – “Wellness Rooms”

Initiatives Supported 2014-15

  • Huckle Buckle Festival Ingonish – Cape Smokey Elementary – Comm-use schools
  • Taekwondo Try Its (3) and Program – Baddeck Academy and Masonic Hall – Learn to/try it
  • Bras d’Or Archery – Baddeck Academy Gym – Comm-use schools
  • Men’s Basketball – Baddeck Academy Gym – Comm-use schools
  • Zumba – Baddeck Academy Gym – Comm-use schools
  • Me Time Fitness / Noon Hour Blast Workplace Wellness Fitness – Masonic Hall – Active Pass
  • Wellness Walkers Gym, Community Wellness Room – Rankin School of the Narrows – Wellness rooms
  • Merry 6Mas Free Family Skates – Victoria Highland Civic Centre (Baddeck Arena) – Learn to/try it
  • Community Wellness Room – Baddeck Academy Little Gym – Wellness rooms
  • Youth Connected Committee – Ingonish/Smokey Recreation Society – Active Pass
  • Back2Basic Skating – Ingonish Outdoor Rink – Learn to/try it
  • ACTIVE PASSLittle Penguins Skating Ingonish Outdoor Rink – Learn to/try it
  • Boularderie Blazers Walking – Boularderie School – Community-use schools
  • Open House – North Highlands Nordic, Cape North – Learn to/try it
  • Community Wellness Room – Ski Cape Smokey, Ingonish – Wellness rooms
  • Open House Ski Cape Smokey – Ingonish – Learn to / try it
  • X-country skiing – North Highlands Nordic – Cape North – Active Pass
  • Exercise Program – Smelt Brook, White Point – Comm Halls/Wellness rooms
  • Light Equipment – community wellness room, Baddeck & area (Baddeck Wellness Room)
  • Gliders – Fitness program, Baddeck & area – Fitness
  • Adult Badminton – Baddeck Academy Gym – Community-use of Schools

Physical Activity Strategy Coordinator Vince Forrestall says, “the initiatives and the types of projects approved are those that fit into the Naturally Active Victoria County Physical Activity Strategy (https://naturallyactivevictoriacounty.com/about-us/strategy/ – Est. 2011) – we do not have the facilities like the other centres (YMCA’s, Canada Games centres, Civic centre’s) so we need to access the current strengths we have in partnership and collaboration accessing schools, community halls, current rec, sport and fitness facilities and providing support to families who may need support to access the activities of the program”

Forrestall says, “It (NS THRIVE COMMUNITY SPORT & RECREATION FACILITY ACCESS PROGRAM (YEAR 2) has been a great success, with funding maxed out – we asked the province for more funding which has not been approved yet, so a number of other initiatives of the grant are incomplete, but we may pick-up more funding in the near future to benefit residents”.  Forrestall added, “We have received a lot of great comments from participants and leaders, service providers and facility operators

Look for in 2015-16:
-Active Outdoor Gear Loan (NS Health & Wellness & CB Regional Library with Strategy & Victoria County)
-DCPAL – Developing Comm Physical Activity Leaders
-1st Victoria Co Sports Summit (November 2015)
-Can-bike and Bike Maintenance Courses
-Reconnecting to nature Workshop
-Trails Guide Certification

THANK YOU EVERYONE Involved with Naturally Active Victoria County


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