Celebration 2014

October 20 and 21, 2014


“HI Vince. Happy New Year!!!! I hope you had a great holiday season! Thank you for sending this message. And thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate it. And I’m so glad that I was able to be a part of the Celebration, and hopefully help in vamping up the exciting surrounding the Strategy! I hope you are doing well, and that 2015 has started off as a wonderful year for you, with lots of promise ahead. Smiles”…. Heather Live to inspire! www.heathermoyse.com @HeatherMoyse

Celebration” Presentation to Municipal Council – Dec. 15, 2014

 CelebrationNaturallyActiveCouncilPresentationDecember132014 CelebrationNaturallyActiveCouncilPresentationDecember132014PDF

“I wanted to thank you for all you did I’m organizing the strategy celebration. It was all very exciting and we’ll received. Well done!” – Eileen Woodford, Chair-Naturally Active Partership

“Sounds good! Thanks for all your hard work”. – Marie Barry, Principal-North Highlands Elementary School

Thank you again for participating in our “Celebration”. It was fun and was a good opportunity for us to have a mentor to present to students, staff and the public, along with the strategy to celebrate, step back and see how we have performed over the past three years and move forward with continued energy, passion and momentum benefiting our residents & visitors.

The Celebration included 9 schools in 2 days. Schools were all so cooperative and supportive, with all schools participating, including Waycobah and their MPAL Wally Bernard.

“Hi Vince, Pam spoke in the Legislature yesterday regarding the work of Victoria County’s Physical Activity strategy. I’ve included the link to the Hansard for your interest!”


Jennifer MacDonald – Constituency Assistant, Office of Pam Eyking, MLA, Victoria-The Lakes

Oct. 28, 2014

PAM EYKING < > : Mr. Speaker, I rise today to remind the members of the importance of promoting physical activity in our communities. I recently had the opportunity to speak at Baddeck Academy at an event that celebrated Victoria County’s physical activity strategy initiatives. Victoria County has been implementing the physical activity strategy, which encourages an active and healthy lifestyle through participation in daily physical activity.

Research is clear: physical activity benefits our health. I encourage all members to engage in physical activity daily and to promote that practice amongst their constituents. I ask members to support initiatives that help Nova Scotians meet daily physical activity recommendations, whether it’s support of trails or outdoor spaces that encourage people to get physically active outside or support of recreation programing and facility upgrades. We require the commitment of all levels of government, communities, and stakeholders . .



Hi Vince – You are most welcome! I don’t know how you managed to accomplish that detailed level of coordination – from the big stuff, right down to the smallest detail.  But you did it. Vince, by doing what you do, and more importantly – how you do it – you are inspiring others in Cape Breton to achieve more. Or at least make an attempt to be bolder and not be afraid to reach for more. The level of awareness of ‘Naturally Active’ and the depth and breadth of engagement of partners is something you ought to be proud of. Cape Breton is fortunate to have you in our region. And when I get a chance, I have a photo or 2 to share with you as well“. Thanks, Larry – Larry Maxwell, Regional Representative – Cape Breton Active Living Branch. NS Department of Health and Wellness


“Celebration” Van (Red Dodge Grand Caravan – Transportation Donation by Midway Motors (Contact: Scott MacDonald admin@midwaymotors.ca ), Middle River, NS)

Heather Presented to students at 4 Victoria County Host Schools (Cabot School (196 students), Baddeck Academy (249 Students) and Wagmatcookewey School (120 students) with Rankin School of the Narrows (129 students), Cape Smokey Elementary (91 students), North Highlands Elementary, Waycobah School (50), Middle River School (25) and Boularderie School (50) joining in on those host schools for the Presentation: “No Excuses”. The Media and Public were invited to attend.

Schedule Included:

October 20

10 am Baddeck Academy (Rankin and Boularderie Schools in attendance)

   2 pm Cabot School (Cape Smokey & North Highlands Schools in attendance)

5 pm Council Meeting visit (Ski Cape Smokey) – Heather made an appearance and said a few remarks after her guest appearance with Council

October 21

8:15-8:30 am  Heather gives interview on CBC Radio – Steve Sutherland


9:45 am: Wagmatcookewey School (Includes Waycobah School)

12:45 Middle River School

Presentation Line-up at each Host School:

Coordinator Vince F. to Emcee

RCMP Escort of Delegates, Dignitaries and Presenter


Red Serge, Stripped Sam Brown.

-October 20th 10am – Baddeck Academy – Cst. Eric Latwaitis

-October 20th 2pm – Cabot School – Cst. Rebecca Trueman

-October 21st  9:45am – Wagmatcook School – Cst. Ashleigh Beattie

-October 21st 12:45pm – Middle River School – Cpl. Scott Williamson

Introductions, Special Guests and Brief Speeches by Special Dignitaries

Council (representing the respective schools of their districts), Strategy Partnership (Members said a few words, including Eileen (Chair) and Partnership members below) VCAN – Implementation team/community reps below-VCAN did not speak, but were acknowledged and recognized for their efforts with presentations by Heather)

Naturally Active Victoria County Presentation (Powerpoint) – “A look back on three years (Brief) https://naturallyactivevictoriacounty.com/testimonials/2011-14/

-Coordinator, Vince F.

Introduction to Heather: “Let’s take a Look Heather” Video

-Coordinator, Vince F. Before Heather is Called Up – inspiring video to get everyone into it…

“No Excuses” Powerpoint Presentation by two time Gold Medalist Olympian & flag bearer Heather Moyse 20-25 minutes

-Heather Moyse Presented

Interactive Races

Students were chosen – (two) by the host school

Q& A’s

Floor/mic was opened for Students to ask Heather questions of the strategy, her career, life – open as time permitted.

Heather Presented Certificates to VCAN Members in each Respective Area They Represent

Heather presented certificates to community based implementation team members for their efforts the past 3 years

Presentation (s) to Heather

Thank You to Heather from the Host & Participating Schools with a gift representing the culture/heritage of the school/area

***Strategy Bookmarks and rubber Naturally Active Wristbands were left at the school for students to take with them and use-distributed by the school.

Photo Opportunity as Time Permitted

Students, teachers, etc. took a picture with Heather and/or even a group photo (Everyone with Heather)!


Strategy Partnership:

-TIR: Steve MacDonald:


-MCOV: Sandy Hudson                                                                               <sandy.hudson@countyvictoria.ns.ca>

-NS Health & Wellness, Active Living Branch: Larry Maxwell             <Larry.Maxwell@gov.ns.ca>

-Heart & Stroke Foundation:’Claire MacLean’                                      <cmaclean@heartandstroke.ns.ca>

-CBVRSB: Lewis MacDonald                                                                      <lewis.macdonald@cbvrsb.ca>

-Wagmatcook First Nation: ‘terrance bernard ‘                                    <terrancebernard@hotmail.com>

-CHAIR / CBDHA: Eileen Woodford:                                                        woodforde@cbdha.nshealth.ca

-CB Highlands National Park – Vacant

-VCAN (Strategy Victoria County Action Network: Acting Chair – Eliot Frosst’ <efrosst@hotmail.com>

VCAN – Victoria County Action Network (VCAN) Implementation Team MEMBERS

  • MEMBER                                                          REPRESENTING
  • Melissa Hines                                                  North of Smokey (Crime prevention)
  • Amy MacKinnon                                              Bay St Lawrence
  • Cheryl MacDonald                                          Neil’s Harbour
  • Elaine Wallace                                                Parks Canada
  • Marie Hawley                                                  Ingonish
  • Robin Stuart                                                     Englishtown
  • Kathryn Gwynn Brett                                     Physio, Buchanan; Cape North
  • Lisa Finney                                                       North River & North Shore
  • Aron Ashton                                                     Phys Activity Educator, Public Health Services
  • Ellen Polegato                                                 Physical Activity Coordinator, NS H & W Cape Breton Region
  • Jennifer Morrison                                           Baddeck (Now vacant)
  • Margot MacAuley                                          Baddeck (Now vacant)
  • Bernadette MacLellan                                   Doctors NS
  • Elyane Saul                                                       Middle River
  • Anne Marie MacNeil                                      Iona
  • Elliot Frosst (Co-chair)                                   Ross Ferry
  • Patsy MacKenzie                                             Big Bras d’Or
  • Debbie MacLean                                             Dietician, VCMH
  • Terry Bernard                                                  Wagmatcook

Municipal Council

Thank You for Your Time, Efforts and Continued Contribution and Support to the Success of our Initiatives – we’ve received a lot of great feedback.


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