Baddeck and Area ATV Club


We are a club of community minded members who establish and maintain legal trails for ATV,  hikers,  skiers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

We are more than just trail makers. We enjoy  the social aspect of community minded members that work together and play together.

For more information visit

You can also visit our club’s discussion group on Facebook:

Our Mission

Is to establish and maintain a safe, legal, and environmentally responsible trail network across our region.

We will obtain beneficial relationships with club members, volunteers, landowners, government, and industry partners.

Why Should You Join?

We are not just for people with ATVs. As a club member you will enjoy a community minded club that hike, ski, snowshoe and ride ATVs through a

network of beautiful scenic trail. You can also be part of social activities such as barbecues, trail building projects, and enjoy sharing your trail

experiences on our club’s Facebook discussion group.

How To Join

Fill out the ATVANS membership application form and follow the mailing instructions at the bottom of the form.

You can get the application form on our Club’s  Facebook group. Go to Facebook

Once on our discussion  group click on the files tab and print out the ATV membership application form.

Important Items as it Relates to Baddeck & Area ATV Club
-2016 Trail Passes are now available. The cost is $40.00 per machine or a family pass which is $50.00 for two machines. To obtain a trail pass, the machine must have a valid NS registration.

ATV run met at Port Bevis Loop Oct 17, 2015. The approximate distance from Port Bevis to Cape Clear and was 120 KM or 80 miles.

The ATVANS 2016 Lotto tickets are now available!
1 ticket $2.00
3 tickets for $5.00

The best deal is 20 tickets for $25.00 ( What a great stocking stuffer for Xmas!!!!)

Annual Meeting of the Baddeck and Area ATV Club HELD


The Baddeck And Area ATV Club Held AGM March 1, 2015  the Yacht club in Baddeck. Everybody was welcome. If you ATV’s, hike, snow shoe, ski, skidoo or own a local business, there was information at the meeting that you did want to miss. Everyone was welcome even if you are not a member or own an ATV. If you hike, bike, snow shoe, ski, ATV, ski-doo, or you are an outdoor enthusiast or own a local business there was valuable information.


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