Workplace Wellness



It was moved by Councillor Buchanan, seconded by Councillor Dauphinee, that the Victoria County Municipal Workplace Wellness Active Living Subsidization Program be approved for the 2015-2016 budget, based on a renewal evaluation report submitted to Council annually. Motion carried.

Active Living Subsidization Program Application (Municipal Employees & Council Only Please) 



When the program starts :  April 1, 2015, to March 31, 2016  so, any purchases between those dates.

Who qualifies:  Any employee. Unfortunately, this is not for family members. Just staff and Council.

What things can I buy: Gym equipment, gym memberships, recreation memberships(ski passes, curling, golf, hockey memberships, etc). Classes that run for more than one sessions, ideally at least 8…. So, for example, you want to take a Spanish class…. That qualifies, as long it is more than one time.  Or, skiing, not one ski pass, but a ski membership – The point is to get, and keep staff, active)

We are also allowing sneakers as the only piece of clothing that qualifies…So, yoga clothes do not qualify….

How much can I get: You will half of what you spent on the qualifying equipment/membership, up to $200 per year.

The process:

If you are interested in joining something, or getting active, or doing something to make your life better,  buy the membership/equipment/sneakers/etc, keep your receipt, send in on the form, the Committee will discuss, and approve or deny, and write you a cheque.

WorkplaceWellnessPolicyVictoriaCountyOctober 2013PDF

Council Approves Municipal Workplace Wellness Active Living Subsidization Program (March 9, 2015)

Presentation to Council – Middle River Community Hall (April 28, 2014)


Building a Healthy You! Workplace Wellness Challenge Held February 2015

AMANS recognizes the importance of healthy living and encourages all Municipal employees to engage in such practices. Municipalities participated in the Winter Workplace Challenge!! Employees were encouraged to challenge and motivate themselves and co-workers to become healthy, active employees! The activity ran for 4 weeks (February 16 to March 20, 2015).

February Wellness Challenge- Winners (Congratulations to the winners of the February Workplace Wellness Challenge)

I hope everyone enjoyed the challenge! Based on your suggestions we have decided to award the 30 gift certificates as team prizes plus three individual prizes. All winners have been chosen by random draw.

The winners of the sports store gift certificates are as follow:

Team Winners:

Municipality                  Team Name                                           Team Captain                       Team members 

  1. Municipality of Victoria Cruzin’ 4 Lozin                      Cyndi Ingraham                  Iris Kedmi, Devon Pierre, Jocelyn Bethune, Heather McLean

2.  Town of Annapolis Royal Rec n’ Rollers                        Monica Mills                      Melony Robinson, Sandi Millett-Campbell, Monica Mills, Heather McCormick


  1. Town of New Glasgow Germelda’s Girls                   Melody Board                       Melody Board, Kelly Sloan, Geralyn MacDonald, Debbie Greenhorn


  1. Municipality of East Hants Rocken’ Sockem’ Moms      Andrea Trask                        Kelly Ash, Lee-Ann Nunn, Andrea Trask


  1. Town of Oxford                                                    True Blue Strong Team       Linda Cloney                         Tom Kay, June Masters, Kim Rogers, Linda Cloney


  1. Municipality of the District of Lunenburg SASS                                       Alex Dumaresq                     Sherry Darling, Sherry Conrad, Doug Reid, Alex Dumaresq


  1. Municipality of the County of Colchester The Waist Reducers            Darlyne Protor                     Deborah Searle, Jann McFarlane, Jennifer Robar, Darlyne Protor


Individual Winners:

1.        Susan Creelman Town of Stewiacke              Strive to Stride Team


  1. Pam Doucet Municipality of Clare          Shore Busters


  1. Heather MacLean Town of Truro Mike and the “Missfits”


Grand Prize Winner: Mandy Burgess, Iron Maidens, Municipality of the County of Kings!

** Winners please provide me with a mailing address.

More challenges are coming your way soon!

Rebecca Kolstee | Municipal Wellness Coordinator

Association of Municipal Administrators, NS

1106 – 1809 Barrington St. Halifax, NS B3J 3K8

T: (902)240-1857 | E:<> | W:<> | [Description: Description: t_small-a.png] <!/amanovascotia>

Walkabout at Work Sites
WalkaboutNew Picture (2)Walking30ReasonsToWalk

Walking Wednesdays Held

Walking Wednesdays Workplace 2015PDF

Feb. 4, 2015: What beautiful day for Walking Wednesdays. 30 minutes. Beautiful Baddeck

Goal:  To experience the joyful side of walking by committing to walk together as co-workers once a eek for 6 weeks this winter season until February 25, 2015.

Please refer to for possible indoor walking tracks near you. -Bonus: If co-workers walk together on other days or they record their steps on, their names will be entered into a bonus draw for a prize package. The group leader will be responsible for submitting these additional activities by February 28th.

-Workplaces also have the opportunity to choose one Wednesday in February to celebrate Winter Walk Day. We will send some incentives your way to make that walk extra fun if you choose to participate. Happy Winter Walking! – Claire MacLean – Community Health Promotion Coordinator, Eastern, Nova Scotia | Heart and Stroke Foundation
Park Lane – Mall Level 3, 5657 Spring Garden Road, Box 245 , Halifax, NS B3J 3R4
T 902 -334-1137 |  or 1-800-423-4432 ext 1137|

Workplace Wellness Fitness Program
Mondays & Thursdays
Noon Blast 12:10 at Masonic Hall. Cost is $32 for 4 Mondays or 4 Thursdays or all 8 for $64. Or drop in are $10. It will destress you for the holidays.

No excuses get your new fit self into gear and ready for those New Years resolutions. Lots of classes so spread the news. So excited.

*Proudly Supported by Naturally Active Victoria County, Victoria County, NS Thrive, NS Health and Wellness Active Living Branch


Walkabout Leader Presentation Held
Held, March 11, 2014
Baddeck Courthouse – Claire MacLean, Community Health Promotion Coordinator, Eastern NS led a Leader /Ambassador Orientation Session – receive tools, motivation & encouragement to inspire co-workers, colleagues and friends to walk. Registration was FREE!

Received a leader handbook, pedometer, ideas on how to start a walking group, information on safety and group leadership, tools for making the case for workplace wellness, and a demonstration of their interactive website! Be inspired to start a walking group at your workplace. Please RSVP to Vince Cell/Text/Skype: (902)-295-0387 / Office: (902)-295-3661 for a Walkabout Session in your community and/or your workplace.



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