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Victoria County AMANS Workplace Wellness Report 2015 – 2016



Is your workplace looking for ways to stay active this winter?

HeartandStrokeWinter Walk 2016 Promotional Flyer

Heart Month (February 1 – 29, 2016) Winter Walk Challenge Held

February 1 – 29, 2016 – February is “Heart Month”


Achieving 150 minutes of physical activity each week can be difficult, especially during the winter. So why not participate in the Heart & Stroke Walkabout™ Winter Walk Challenge 2016? 80% of early heart disease and stroke can be prevented by adopting a healthy lifestyle that includes physical activity, so get outdoors and get moving!

Did you know…80 per cent of early heart disease and stroke can be prevented by adopting healthy behaviours which include physical activity through walking?

  1. Winter is a wonderful time to walk. Don’t let cold, wind, snow or rain keep you and your friends/coworkers from heading out for a walk.  Contact your Community Health Promotion coordinator by phone or email to tell of your plans or email

How does the Winter Walk Challenge work?

Make a commitment to get a total 150 minutes of walking each week in February. . Walk, cross country ski, hike, and snowshoe or choose any form of physical activity you wish. Remember increments of 10 minutes count towards your weekly goal of 150 minutes. Each team must walk at least one time each week in February.

  1. Educate participants on Winter walking safety (refer to
  2. Email to let us know you are participating as a Workplace or community team.
  3. Submit your daily totals of physical activity each Tuesday by 12:00pm. The first weekly submission is due February 9th. (a week is from Sunday to Saturday).There will be weekly prizes and each report gives your team a chance to win a Grand Prize of a gift card valued at $100.00.
  4. Our Walkabout team  loves  getting new pictures email them to us at and this gives your team an extra ballot for the draw!
  5. Enjoy your walk with your group!

Are you up for the challenge? Where will walking take you? 

Claire Mac Lean  – Community Health Promotion Coordinator – Eastern Region

Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, Nova Scotia; Park Lane – Mall Level 3, 5657 Spring Garden Road, Box 245, Halifax, NS B3J 3R4

Phone: 902-334-1137 | Fax: 902 492-1464 | E-mail

AMANS Winter Challenge 2016 Held

Many of us find it difficult to get motivated to get moving in the winter months! AMANS have created a 10 week winter wellness challenge that will run from February 1st– April 8th. In order to win a ballot into the prize draw ($150.00 towards something that would help you get physically active), you will need to do 20 minutes of physical activity! The challenge will take place from Monday to Friday.

How it works? – Participants are encouraged to document their activity and the duration (an online tracking sheet will be provided a couple days before the challenge starts). At the end of each week, I will review the online tracking sheet  and put the employees names into the draw. ONLY ONE BALLOT PER DAY. I anticipate questions around what can be counted as physical activity, therefore I will be presenting a very brief webinar on Thursday January 28th at 9-9:30. At this time I will also answer any questions you may have. CLICK HERE ( ) to sign up for the challenge

Rebecca Kolstee | Municipal Wellness Coordinator, Association of Municipal Administrators, NS, 1106 – 1809 Barrington St. Halifax, NS B3J 3K8 T: (902)240-1857 | E: | W: www.amans.caAMANS/UNSM Wellness Program: Healthy Active employees and elected officials thriving in healthy work environments

Workplace Wellness Committee Snowshoes (Old horse track, Baddeck) & Skates (Neil’s Harbour New Haven Outdoor Fun Centre) After Jan. 20, 2016 Monthly Meeting:

 Municipal Staff & Council Enjoy Skating & Healthy Potluck – Dec. 17, 2015


Municipality of Victoria County Receives Gold Workplace Wellness Award at  AMANS Conference


Municipality of the County of Victoria received a GOLD AWARD and had the highest number of award points for their outstanding health and wellness accomplishments (Municipal Wellness Awards 2015). One of their greatest accomplishments over the past years has been the approval of their Employee Active Living Subsidization Program

Congratulations!  The Municipality of Victoria County received a Gold Workplace Wellness Award, presented at the AMANS 2015 Conference. The award ceremony took place October 13th  during the Wellness Luncheon sponsored by Morneau Shepell. CAO Sandy Hudson received the wellness plaque on behalf of the Municipality of Victoria County.

The Municipality of Victoria County received the Gold award for their ongoing commitment in enhancing the health and wellness of their employees and elected officials. Over the past year, the Municipality of Victoria County  has focused their attention on creating supportive environments to enhance the health and wellness of employees. Victoria County has created a subsidization program that provides staff with financial incentives towards memberships and programs up to 50% or $400.00 per year (200 by municipality and 200 by staff, council).   

Municipal Workplace Wellness Program Testimonials:

Excellent job! Your efforts deserve to be commended. Good on you” (It’s Official – Municipality of Victoria County to Receive Gold Workplace Wellness Award at Upcoming AMANS Conference) – Robin Stuart (Oct 5, 2015)

This is awesome news! A job well done and an award well deserved. Yet another feather in the proverbial cap that is Victoria County! Again, well done to you all!” (It’s Official – Municipality of Victoria County to Receive Gold Workplace Wellness Award at Upcoming AMANS Conference) – Aron Ashton, Public Health Services Physical Educator (Oct. 6, 2015)

“Way to go!!  Congratulations” (Municipality of Victoria County to Receive GOLD Workplace Wellness Award @ AMANS Conference 2015) – Eileen Woodford, Physical Activity Partnership Chair & Director of Rural Health (Oct. 10, 2015)

“Congratulations! Hard work does pay off! Will get this in the next issue” (Victoria County to receive GOLD Building a Healthy You Municipal Wellness Award 2015) – Jim Morrow, Victoria Standard (Sept. 25, 2015)

Once again, the Municipality of the County of Victoria raising the bar – not just here in Cape Breton, but province-wide. Congratulations” (It’s Official – Municipality of Victoria County to Receive Gold Workplace Wellness Award at Upcoming AMANS Conference) – Larry Maxwell, Regional Representative – Cape Breton, Active Living Branch NS Department of Health and Wellness (Oct. 6, 2015)

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AMANS Calendar 2016



Municipal Employees Active Living Subsidization Program 2015-16


Municipality Program Description
Municipality of Victoria Subsidized program: Staff is eligible to receive a financial incentive towards equipment, program costs & long-term activities (i.e.: gym membership, exercise classes) to facilitate participation in health and wellness programs or activities . Incentive: Staff are eligible to receive an annual credit of 50%, a max $200 contribution by the Municipality in Partnership/cost-shared with the employee (50% to Max $400)


The Active Living Subsidization Program is a proactive approach to the health of our employees, recognizing that physical activity, healthy eating and mental health are intertwined to achieve overall wellness.


  • Participation in programs and activities that will improve employee’s health and wellness levels.
  • Equipment costs and long-term activities (i.e.: gym membership, exercise classes), not greater than 50% of annual wellness credit to facilitate participation in health and wellness programs or activities.


  • Wellness credit will match qualified spending by employee, up to a maximum of $200.
  • All full time seasonal employees are eligible at a prorated level. If an employee works for nine months of the year, they will be calculated based on months worked (9/12) and receive a credit up to $150.
  • Employees and council members are eligible. Family members are not eligible for this program.


Please fill out the attached application and submit to the Health & Wellness Committee ( Finance Manager
Leanne MacEachen ). They will review each application. Upon approval, submit receipts to the committee. No payment can be made without receipts.

Active Living Subsidization Program Presentation to Council  WPWActiveLivingSubsidizationProgra,CouncilMarch92015

Workplace Wellness Policy Presentation to Council


Participation Registration Form


Action Plan 2012-17 


Action Plan Summary


Terms of Reference WORKPLACE wellnessTermsOfReferenceA healthy workplace is a great investmentPDF

Workplace Wellness Tied to the Naturally Active Victoria County Physical Activity Strategy (Est. 2011):

Goal 6: Policies & Practices Advocate public and private sector interests to adopt policies and procedures governing the design of infrastructure and the delivery of services that supports physical activity and healthy eating – This goal captures interventions based on policy and practice. These affect workplace policies.

Objective 2.2, Action 2: Partner with CBDHA’s Strategic Plan (2011-16) building awareness, a stronger and healthier Cape Breton working with communities to make healthier choices together c. Healthy Workplace: Ensure Workplace Programs meet goals, focusing on Workplace culture and support environment and healthy lifestyles

Objective 6.3: Advocate for Workplace Wellness Programs & Policies (UN declaration Action 1. Engage employers to ensure active living has a prominent role in the workplace a. MCOV Employees will be mentors, inspiring other workplaces through establishment of committee, action plans, policies, challenges, events, risk assessments, etc.

Action 2 Develop Victoria County Workplace Wellness Healthy Network a. Host Annual Healthy Workplace Wellness Network Luncheons for all existing, new and potential sites (The Toronto Charter for Physical Activity: A Global Call for Action)

Guide to Walking Meetings

See this April 2016 article from Every Body Walk! which describes benefits, considerations and ideas for walking meetings.  It includes a related Ted Talk video.

health wellNaturallyActiveBanner2014JPEG

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